Post COVID-19; How You Can Plan for a Safe Reopening

Here’s what small businesses and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommend when you’re planning to reopen your business as safely as possible. Business owners everywhere–at least those fortunate enough to survive the shutdown–are looking for the safest way to get back to business. Health and food producing firms & retailers that have remained open during the […]

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Post COVID-19; What Not to Do When You Reopen Your Business

Without clear strategic rules guiding businesses and proven right measures on how to keep employees safe, you’re responsible for making your own plan. Here’s how to avoid some of the most common potential problems. As states grapple with timelines for reopening their economies, businesses now face the challenge of how and when to bring employees back […]

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Increasing Employee Engagement: Case Study

A basic idea: If we have people staying in their comfortable culture, they will not think differently.  Francesco Blasi Is it possible to increase employee engagement in an economic downturn? What is the effect? Employee engagement refers to the level of staff commitment and responsibility, it is a bellwether of emotional capital created by employees. In a […]

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