Navigating Peer Pressure: 6 Strategies for Building Confidence and Individuality

Peer pressure is an omnipresent force, exerting its influence from the school hallways to the workplace and social media platforms. It’s a phenomenon that can shape decisions, transform personalities, and significantly impact individual paths. But how can one navigate this complex web of influence and maintain their authenticity? In this post, we’ll delve into six […]

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Tapping Into the Wisdom of Your Children: Parenting with Emotional Intelligence

Introduction: In a world where parenting often lacks formal training, the journey of raising children can be both rewarding and challenging. Parenting with emotional intelligence becomes a crucial aspect that is often overlooked. In a recent conversation, the CEO of Pause Factory, Enahoro Okhae shared insights on parenting, emphasizing the importance of understanding the uniqueness […]

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Unlocking the Key to Child Happiness and Success: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Parents worn down by the torrent of brainy books and blogs on child-rearing may be tempted to focus on the most proven, pragmatic basics. But they shouldn’t shy away from  the concept of emotional intelligence, even if it sounds a bit touchy-feely. Experts say  enhancing “EQ” may be a fundamental way to boost a child’s […]

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