Unwinding Anxiety

Unwinding Anxiety

Unwinding Anxiety

‘Unwinding Anxiety. How to value discomfort and embrace challenging feelings.’ Emotions serve as guides for challenging times. Focus: Awareness.

In our first theme for 2024, we explore valuing and honouring challenging feelings. This year we seek to understand how to use emotions as our guides for challenging times and we begin with Unwinding Anxiety and how to value discomfort and embrace challenging feelings. What are the messages these uncomfortable feelings have for us, and how can we validate and learn from these feelings?

We are blessed to have a global community working towards 1 billion people practicing emotional intelligence. Gathering in community and practicing emotional intelligence supports us in growing our self awareness, which is one of the foundational pillars in the KCG model; Know Yourself.

 In this Emotional Intelligence Application Café, we will discover:

  • What some of our challenging emotions and feelings are, and we will explore what they look like and where we feel them in our bodies.
  • What choices do we have with our reactions and how to honour and host big feelings?
  • How to value our challenging feelings and hear what they are saying or teaching us.

The Applied Emotional Intelligence courses can be deployed in 2-hour, half-day or full-day insightful sessions for employees to achieve change by applying the potency of emotional Intelligence to different areas of organizational needs.


Who: Anyone interested in learning about and practising emotional intelligence – the learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skillset we all need to thrive.

What: Lunchtime Interactive workshop

When: Depends on the agreed date

Where: At your discretion

How: Call us on 08096303933

Duration: 2 Hours

Questions: Please email us <ask@pausefactory.org>

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