Seven Key Actions Business Can Take To Mitigate The Effects of COVID-19

No crisis is an isolated, neatly contained incident, and the COVID-19 outbreak is exceptional by any standards. It comes with extreme scope and levels of uncertainty. It’s a situation that is well beyond the experience of most business leaders — the median tenure of a CEO is five years, and the last epidemic that approached anything near this […]

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Post COVID-19 Business Models: Finding The New Normal

If you listen to business and technology pundits, you may have heard that the post COVID-19 world will be completely different from the pre COVID-19 world. Sound familiar? In the midst of a crisis, it’s tempting to label any major disruption as ushering in a new normal. However, at least in terms of business models, […]

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Post COVID19; It’s Time to Throw Out Your 2020 Strategic Plan

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt globally, banks and credit institutions must rethink their organization structure, the way they deliver services, the products they offer, their relationship with consumers, and their role in the community. This will require pushing the ‘reset button’ as opposed to simply resuming business as usual. For years, […]

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