5 Powerful Habits of Extraordinarily Effective Leaders

Take your business from good to great by applying the habits of today’s most successful leaders. In business today, change can be rapid and unexpected. A great company one day can be not-so-great the next. Your best people may come and go, and your business strategy may need to change radically overnight to keep pace with ever-shifting markets. Challenges like these can make leading a successful business difficult, but the most successful leaders have figured out how to build companies that can thrive in even the most difficult circumstances.

Extraordinarily successful leaders get the most out of their people by helping them become highly motivated, engaged in their jobs, and happy. Adopt these five habits of extraordinarily successful leaders and watch your company’s performance quickly surge.

1. Set the bar high

The best way to encourage your people to consistently give their very best on the job is to set the bar high and then challenge them to meet or exceed your expectations. Delegate some of your most vexing problems to your employees. Set realistic goals for them, treat each employee as a valuable member of your team, and give them the autonomy to make decisions and do their work as they see fit, so long as they meet their performance standards and your expectations.

2. Build a productive work culture

A workplace that is industrious, trusting, open and fun will be the most productive and successful, even during turbulent times. Be open to new ideas and suggestions that come from your employees, and show them that their voices are being heard and their efforts appreciated.

3. Be visible and honest, and keep promises

Make the time to manage by walking around. Be visible to your employees. Find the pulse of your organization by observing your employees at work and asking them for their views on how they think things are going at their level, management’s level, and throughout the organization. Be frank and honest with them, and never make a promise you can’t keep. Listen to their concerns and regularly schedule meetings to strategize and problem-solve with your employees.

4. Make your team a part of the plan

While it’s the job of a leader to set the course for the organization, your employees’ knowledge and skill are critical for your success. Direct your employees toward your goals, but be as transparent with your people as you can be. Involve them in developing company plans and goals, and then show them what their role is in achieving them. When your employees understand the overall plan, they will view themselves as an important piece of the puzzle and may better understand your plans for the organization.

5. Celebrate your team’s successes

Take some time each week to celebrate your team’s successes and to thank your people for their continued efforts. A sincere thank you for a job well done can be a powerful motivator. Thank your employees personally and promptly when you find them doing something right by writing a quick email or text message, or by dropping by their office to tell them in person

Authored by By Peter Economy

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