Your Emotions Say Who You Are

Your Emotions Says Who You Are

Your Emotions Say Who You Are

Ever been asked the question “WHO ARE YOU?” Usually, there is an imbalance, because there is first confusion about which part of you to start with; some people say their name, others their position at work, their work history and some talk about their behaviour.

Your real self is hinged around your Emotions; because everything you do is driven by your emotions…emotions drive people to act and not to act; even our decisions are pivoted on our emotional state at times.

If you look at the figure below, you will notice that there are different Emotional state pointing to “YOU”. What you would also quickly notice is that there are six circles that eventually lead to those emotional faces.
Those faces represent your emotional state per time, however, your emotional state per time is created by those six circles. It is one of our models called the “Six Circle Personality Analysis”.

For example, we say you are nice, wicked, liberal, stingy, supportive, understanding, caring, patient, impatience, aggressive, passive, assertive, calm, hot-tempered, etc. These are definitions of you as an answer to the question “Who are you”, and they are all emotional variables not technical. All these emotional variables are however created from a process.

YOU are a bundle of RESULTS gotten from the day-to-day ACTIONS that you take based on your VALUES. Your values in turn were determined by your BELIEFS which were INFLUENCED by your various ENVIRONMENTS; this means that existing in your deepest root (WHO YOU REALLY ARE) is a combination of positive and negative influences that eventually influences your day-to-day emotional state and actions.

What has happened is that the cultural, religious, social, educational, and political ENVIRONMENT you grew up in or that you have been exposed to built your BELIEFS and VALUES- values such as honesty, cheating, and respect. It is these values that determine your ACTIONS e.g. doing what you say, lying about sales, greeting elders; and these actions are followed by RESULTS we all see that define YOU.

WHO YOU HAVE BECOME (YOU) might be different from WHO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE. Some people are close to who they really want to be while others are still very far from who they really want to be. If you want a better definition of YOU, then you must take charge of your EMOTIONS, to do that you must change your; your ACTIONS; you cannot change your ACTIONS without changing your VALUES; you cannot change your VALUES without changing your BELIEF SYSTEM; and ultimately, you cannot change your BELIEFS if you don’t change your ENVIRONMENT.

Our website, it’s content and programs, for example, books, and preferred people, would create a new environment and thus new beliefs, bringing about fine-tuning of values, then your actions will change and a new and better you would be created.

When you exhibit your Emotions, we define WHO YOU ARE.
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