In a lot of organizations, performance management is a complex task for various reasons, it’s either the KPIs are not measuring what matters or the period allocated for performance measurement is too far apart to clearly, without bias measure the true performance of staff.

While it is easy to buy an expensive performance management software, implement it, pay staff to be in charge of performance management, the basic lack of understanding in Balanced Scorecard and KPIs will bring complex frustration to the system.

We are here to achieve the foundational understanding of Balance Score Card and Key Performance Indicators and how to implement them in the Performance Management Value Chain

We can train as well as implement every detail below for your organization in partnership with your leadership and more.

  • Form Strategy Statements from simple management discussions
  • Turn Strategy Statement into Balance Score Card
  • Design Objectives for Balance Scorecard Perspectives .
  • Generate organizational KPIs
  • Cascade Organizational Score Cards into Departmental Score Cards
  • Generate Departmental and Individual KPIs
    They will also learn
  • KPI Generation Techniques .
  • KPI Documentation Design
  • KPI Cascading
  • KPI Questioning Skills
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