A Snapshot for Development

The SEI-YV provides youth, family members, educators, and counselors with a powerful tool for growth. The SEI-YV begins with an assessment of important life-outcomes – the “Barometers of Life” which include Good Health, Relationship Quality, Life Satisfaction,

Personal Achievement, Self-Efficacy, and an overall composite.

As shown in this graph, these outcomes are strongly predicted by the emotional intelligence competencies measured by the SEI:

SEI Youth Version - pYV

Measuring and Developing Children’s Emotional Intelligence

The full “Youth Report” explains emotional intelligence and puts the concepts into a framework of the child’s current well-being The report( around 17 pages) features several graphs that are clear and easy to read and discuss. For example, here is the graph of total EQ and the three main “pursuits” of the Six Seconds EQ Model:


Most importantly, the SEI-YV helps link emotional intelligence to the important life outcomes (Life Barometers) through an innovative tool called the EQ Yardstick. The Yardstick is in the counselor section of the report – here is a portion:


Emotional Intelligence Profiles

The SEI-YV can also produce simple, powerful 1-page profiles about the child’s approach to emotional intelligence, and/or key talents as a changemaker.

The Youth “Brain Brief Profile” offers a quick, practical way to introduce EQ and help children understand their style of how they focus, make decisions, and drive themselves. The “Brain Talent Profile” offers insight into the youth’s top six “Brain Talents,” capabilities such as resilience, connection, vision, and commitment that are ways of using emotional intelligence in daily life. This tool is effective for helping a child understand her/his unique strengths (and for groups of children to understand one-another’s).

These profiles are summarized for a group in a 1-page “Dashboard” that is highly effective for teachers or other leaders of groups of youth to understand and discuss the group’s social emotional strengths and needs.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment for Younger Children

The SEI pYV is available for children of any age — it provides a report about a child from the perspective of an adult who knows the child well. The pYV uses a similar structure to the YV, but instead of self-assessment, the pYV offers an assessment by another person.

The pYV and YV can be used together, for example, a parent and teacher each complete a pYV to show their perspectives, and a youth completes the YV. Then, the group can discuss where their views align and where they disagree. This process is highly effective for building a shared understanding of socialemotional strengths and challenges.

You can obtain SEI YV and pYV by filling the form below or reach us via

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