SEI 360

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be smart with emotions. How does someone act with his EQ? SEI 360, measures EQ performance, in other words, the influence of  EQ on others.

It is an amazing tool for a deeper coaching, performance development, success planning and team transformation. SEI 360 submit an important, clear and valuable feedback with very simple, and powerful Six Seconds Model.

SEI 360 gathers data from many assessors and combines a concrete statistical model with a practical feedback mechanism.

  • Brief (approximately 20 min ) – by protecting statistical data for logistic validity 
  • Behavior-oriented
  • Unlimited number of assessors
  • Precisely adjustable assessing groups
  • Comparison of self-assessment and others’ assessment
  • Meaningful, practical and open-ended questions
  • The feature of adding sample and comment on each question

The report provides guidance to an individual with summarized definitions, explanations, and clear visual comparisons.

The report also shows the feedbacks from open-ended questions anonymously. It gives a structure to assess data and form an action plan.

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