Sales Solution Assessment

Grow your sales, scientifically; inside-out!

Do you know what it’s like when…

·         You can’t seem to find star talent or have made some bad hires?

·         The sales team does not consistently hit their goals?

·         You struggle to identify why some people are successful while others are not?

·         You have invested in training and mentoring but you don’t get the desired results?

·         You feel there is dysfunction in the team and wonder why?

·         You are frustrated by performance gaps?

·         You want to build an agile sales organization but don’t know where to start?

·         Your sales people, know their products, put in a lot of hard work and still cannot make substantial sales?

Then EQ-SALES FIT is designed for you.




What is the pathway to success?


At the heart of sales success is the ability to connect with people in a meaningful way for desired outcomes.

This program begins with an EQ-FIT SALES PROFILE.

Powered by the highly validated SEI assessment (Six Seconds), EQ-FIT SALES Profile which measures the factors that drive success in sales. EQFITTM Sales Profile provides a significant advantage in Hiring, Identifying Star Talent and Developing People and Teams, creating a true competitive advantage. 

EQ-Sales Program:

·         Talent analytics…assess your sales staff to identify styles and success factors that are common in star performers, use this data for better hires and development outcomes

·         Hiring…create hiring models that identify star talent, enhance ROI sooner and increase retention

·         Performance…create meaningful and measurable goals

·         Develop…people and teams for maximum selling outcomes

·         Decisions…enhance decision making through better data

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EQ Sales-FIt Profile

EQ Sales-FIT Form