Organisational Vital Signs

Measure and Improve Organizational Climate

OVS is statistically reliable research process to pinpoint areas assisting and interfering with growth and bottom-line success. Where a typical “staff satisfaction” measure tells you something about contentment, OVS shows you the drivers of performance in an actionable, practical framework.

This effective, rapid, web-enabled organizational profile…

Focuses leaders on the people-side factors that drive performance.

Highlights hot spots limiting your performance.

Accelerates buy-in for change.

Beyond Staff Satisfaction

The organizational climate (or culture) influences critical employee behaviors such as communication, problem-solving, and accountability — factors that affect customers, employees, quality and profitability.


  • Create a strategy that works with and through your people.
  • Focus and build buy-in for change efforts.
  • Quantify the people-side of the organization.
  • Accurately assess the effectiveness of development initiatives.
  • Prepare for and track restructuring or M&A.
  • Identify needs and opportunities for training, communication, and development.

The assessment is insightful and useful as we plan our leadership strategies and our training programs.

Vital Sign
OVS by Work Unit
Vital Sign
OVS by Role

OVS is customized with organizational demographics to create comparisons between roles, sites, levels, divisions, etc. (see example to right). 

Additional items are also added to tune into specific organizational issues.

Unlike other surveys, OVS is:



Statistically validated.



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