Assess Key Performance Drivers

Our status revealing assessments provide a roadmap for increasing performance.

They are a rapid, accurate check of performance drivers and operational “vital signs,” these tools put people on the dashboard and as such guide leadership and management about the right solution (training, coaching, changes, intervention) to help such person or people improve performance Invaluable in change and transformation.

These tools provide baseline data and measure ROI while they save time and money by focusing implementation efforts.

The EQ Neural Net: Artificial Intelligence For Emotional Intelligence

The EQ Neural Net is an assistive intelligence, powered by two decades of research on emotional intelligence, that offers coaches insights to help their clients put EQ into action.

What is a Neural Net and how does it help with emotional intelligence?

EQ Neural Net delivers practical insights and powerful questions to use emotional intelligence to increase effectiveness, relationships, quality of life, and wellbeing.

What does the EQ Neural Net offer?

In one page, a coach gains objective, clear guidance on how a client can best reach their goals. Then, the coach can provide this for the client to have powerful questions and tips for taking action.

When someone takes the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence test through Pause Factory a Preferred Partner the SEI, the EQ Neural Net steps in to offer an action plan to turn insight into growth.

but instead of self-assessment, the pYV offers an assessment by another person.

The pYV and YV can be used together, for example, a parent and teacher each complete a pYV to show their perspectives, and a youth completes the YV. Then, the group can discuss where their views align and where they disagree. This process is highly effective for building a shared understanding of social emotional strengths and challenges.


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We are a Preferred Partners of the largest Emotional Intelligence network with deep expertise in applying Six Seconds’ tools and methods.

As a Preferred Partners we create an organizational transformation to strengthen the long-term value for all stakeholders.  We partner with leaders, providing consulting and training using a robust, evidence-based methodology to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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