Human Resource Management is critical to the success of any organization because it is the  center that holds the management/leaders and other employees together. When the center cannot hold, things would fall apart. We have carefully designed this program to holistically capture the core human resource management activities any leader, manager, and human resource staff must understand for their organization to thrive with people.

It includes assessments, analysis, exercises, role plays and highly interactive sessions to expand participant’s experience.

Who should attend

Line Managers, Human Resource Department Personnel, Human Resource Managers, Business Owners

Programme Fee

₦ 120,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


3 Days

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

Learning Outcomes

With this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Human resource management activities and functions
  • Plan holistic workforce and management recruitment process
  • Manage performance of employees
  • Develop measurement systems that improves performance
  • Develop and implement training and development plan
  • Explain strategic human resource management
  • Recognize the impact of Emotional Intelligence in Human Resource Management

Module 1: Introduction to Human Resources Management

  • Definition of Human Resource Management
  • Scope of Human Resource
  • Process in Human Resource
  • Importance of Human Resource
  • Dichotomy Between HRM and Personnel Management

Module 2: Workforce Planning and Recruitment

  • Workforce Planning Process
  • Understanding Recruitment and selection
  • Components of Recruitment process
  • Organizing Recruitment
  • Understanding Behavioral-competency Assessment
  • Formulating Behavioral Interview questions
  • Managing P-U-R-E
  • Employee Retention
  • Retention strategy
  • Components of Retention strategy

Module 3: Training and Development

  • Understanding training and Development
  • Forms of Training
  • Training- Needs-Analysis (TNA)
  • Determining Training Gap
  • Developing training materials
  • Training Facilitation
  • Training Program Evaluation

Module 4: Introduction to Performance Management

  • What is performance management?
  • The “Myth” about performance management
  • Performance Management Strategy
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Upward and 360 appraisals
  • Coaching and mentoring.

Module 5: Compensation and Benefits

  • Pay structures and systems
  • Reward strategies and the psychological contract
  • Job grades and Career Mapping
  • Job evaluation
  • Conducting Pay surveys
  • Motivation models, money and motivation
  • Team rewards

Module 6: Strategic Human Resource Management

  • What is Strategic Human Resource Management?
  • How SHRM works
  • Importance of SHRM

Module 7: Emotional Intelligence Strategies for Successful Human Resource Management


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