…recent researched based studies and paradigms on employee engagement leaders must be aware of

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A recent research study identified the specific behaviors you need to employ to create an engaged workforce. Why should you care? Companies with engaged employees outperform the competition by as much as 202% (Gallup).  Research also shows that employee retention increased due to the fact that engaged employees are less likely to. Research also shows how you can improve employee engagement in your organization with actionable ideas to take back to your people, their passion and thus take back your company. This program has been designed specifically for organizational leaders and human resource managers and supervisors. It’s engaging and filled with tools to measure engagement in participant’s organization.

Value Proposition

At the end of this training participants will be able transformed to:

  • Decipher statistically the difference between engaged and disengaged employees
  • Identify and elaborate on the key drivers of Employee Engagement
  • Align with statistical data how Emotions influences engagement
  • Identify particular emotions drivers
  • Explain the functional and emotional attributes in large and small businesses
  • Build a culture that would achieve high level of employee engagement



Module 1: Dynamics of  Employee Engagement?

  • Engaged vs Disengaged Employee
  • Global Demographics Influencing Engagement
  • Associated Dynamics

Module 2: Drivers of Employee Engagement

  • The Relationship Driver
  • The Belief Driver
  • The Pride Driver
  • The Engagement Tree
  • The Phases of Engagement

Module 3: Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement

  • The Emotion of Engagement
  • The Emotions of Disengagement
  • Drivers of Emotions

Module 4: Employee Engagement: Small Businesses vs Big Businesses

  • Fully Engaged|Patially Engaged|Disengaged
  • Emotional Attribute in Different Sized Companies
  • Functional Attributes in Different Sized Companies

Module 5: Building a Culture of Engagement

  • The Role of Direct Supervisor
  • Igniting Millennial
  • Senior Leadership
  • Key Action Points and Employee Engagement Remedy


Who can attend?

Leaders at any level saddled with the responsibility of managing and improving employee performance


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