…unveiling the intricacies every sales leader must know about  managing a sales team

Sales Managers usually rise from a successful sales career, unfortunately there is a difference between selling successfully and managing a sales team. A sales manager’s job is to model clear direction and robust support for his/her team, empowering them to develop their full potential and succeed in their sales journey.

The focus of this course is to build a sales manager with the requisite skills to manager sales people. This program would expose the participants to the core responsibilities of a sales manager, they will build key leadership and managerial skills that would empower them to effectively and effectively plan, motivate, monitor subordinates in addition to building skills to evaluate their performance

Who should attend

Sales Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Sales Team Leads

Programme Fee

₦ 120,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


3 Day

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

Participants will be given important Sales templates/tools for Sales Forecasting,  Sales Strategy, Objective Setting etc. 

The Seller Personality Analysis

Learning Outcomes

After this course participants will  be able to:

  • Enumerate the roles and responsibilities of a Sales Manager
  • Identify how to remain strategic whilst getting tactical
  • Explain the steps of Developing a sales strategy
  • Identify the steps to develop sales plan
  • Recognize how to prepare sales forecast
  • Identify effective feedback mechanism system
  • Identify ways to monitor sales people effectively to optimal performance
  • Conduct result driven sales meting
  • Transcend the knowledge gain into successful sales results
  • Deploy Emotional Intelligence tools for personal achievement and those of the team

Module 1: Introduction to Sales Management

  • Roles and responsibilities of a Sales Manager

Module 2: Strategic Sales Management

  • Sales Management; Tactical/Strategic
  • SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
  • Establishing Sales Strategy

Module 3: Sales Forecasting

  • Forecasting and Sales Performance
  • Forecasting Methods and Techniques
  • Developing your Sales Forecast
  • Pitfalls in Sales Forecasting

Module 4: Sales Planning

  • Developing your sales Strategy
  • Aligning Sales Strategy and Sales Plan
  • Developing Sales Tactics to achieve establishes strategies

Module 5: Sales Performance Management

  • Setting Sales Objectives and Sales KPIs
  • Sales Monitoring and Control
  • Evaluating Sales Performance
  • Managing the Underperforming sales team members

Module 6: Motivating Sales Team to Success

  • The crux of Motivation
  • Social Awareness of team members
  • Establishing a motivating environment
  • Motivation
  • Between culture and performance

Module 7: Running Effective Sales Meeting

  • Planning sales meeting sequence
  • Successful Sales Meeting Checklist
  • Six Thinking Hats

Module 8: Leading with Emotional Intelligence


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