Researched, potent strategies that you must know to survive people issues no matter their personality

Have you heard this? It is now a consensus by coalition of world knowledge bodies that about 85% of what you do at work is “Relational” and only about 15% is “Technical”. This means that we all stand up to 85% chance of not achieving set goals . As far as we are people, we would relate and when we work together, tension will arise; no thanks to personality types and priorities. How do you thrive and relate successfully in an environment filled with several personality types. What does research reveal as a success path to relating with complex colleagues? This program has been intentionally designed to help participant understand personality complexities and create stress-less paths to relating successfully with different personality types in any organization. Training is deployed with real-life case studies and scenarios.

Who should attend

Sales and Marketing team members including business  development  officers.

Programme Fee

₦ 100,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


2 Days

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

Learning Outcomes

After this training, participants will:

  • Identify the different types of people in multiple models and their characteristics
  • Recognize how personalities are created
  • Understand themselves deeper with status-revealing assessment tools
  • Recognize the unknown model of analyzing eventual action to different situations
  • Explain the secret to relating successfully with different types of people
  • Discover how to use Pause effectively
  • Recognize options available to them when relating in emotional charged situations
  • Discover how to change the compass of their emotions amidst situations
  • Achieve a conscious competence state with situations and people
  • Lead team mates more effectively

Module 1: The Complexities of Personalities

  • Personality Models
  • The Complexities of S.P.E.A.R.
  • 6 Circle Personality Analysis

Module 2: Own Complexity Awareness

  • Personality Brief
  • Personality Alignment

Module 3:  Situation Paradigm and Choice

  • I.T.F.A. Model

Module 4: Managing Situations

  • Pivotal Pause
  • Personality Literacy
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Navigation
  • Reaction Cycle
  • Options Utilization

Module 5: Option Utilization Spectrum

  • Judgement vs Curiosity
  • Apathy vs Empathy
  • Fight-Flight-Freeze
  • Constructive vs Destructive
  • Blame vs Responsibility
  • React vs Respond
  • Aggressive-Passive-Assertive
  • Ask vs Tell
  • Bundle vs Isolation
  • What vs How

Personality Case Studies

Succeeding with;

  • Mean Colleague
  • Unyielding Colleague
  • Passive Aggressive Colleague
  • Unstable Decision Maker
  • Saboteurs


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