…unveiling the differences, similarities and strategies every sales person must know about Marketing and Sales for better traction on the field.

Where does marketing meet sales? While we generally regard our sales people as marketers, it is important for  sales people to understand that they have goals, to create awareness and to sell. Clarity of the dynamics between the both disciplines is required  for better effectiveness on the field.

While Marketing is everything you do to get your product known, sales is everything you do to get an exchange of value for your offerings. Individuals who are saddled with the responsibility to market and sell must now be empowered in both disciplines, with a clear understanding of the differences and intersection of both and more importantly, gain deep insight on how to achieve their marketing goals and support marketing with the requisite selling skills to achieve the organizational objectives

Who should attend

Sales people at any level, the facilitation will be deployed to fit the different levels of participants available

Programme Fee

₦ 75,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


2 Days

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

Learning Outcomes

After this course participants will  be able to:

  • Explain the difference between sales and marketing
  • Deploy their individual selling styles to different types of buyers
  • Identify the vital basics of Marketing and Selling that are easily overlooked, yet important for successful selling.
  • Explain different marketing mediums, their integration and success strategies
  • Define their product professionally
  • Move a potential customer from the stage of Lead Generation all through to closing the deal successfully
  • Prepare for and Manage meetings to create a powerful brand
  • Identify how to recognize target market
  • Recognize the secrets of successful sales presentation
  • Use different techniques to handle objections and eventually close the deals

Module 1: Introduction to Selling & Marketing

  • Principle and Psychology of Selling
  • Contrasting Sales and Marketing

Module 2: Integrated Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication

Cognizing Integrated  Marketing Communication

I.M.C. Assessment and I.M.C. Action Plan

Module 3: Marketing Plan Development

Cognizing  Marketing Plan

Elements of Marketing Plan

Develop your Marketing Plan

Module 4: Walking the Sales Process (Part 1)

  • Product/Service Definition
  • Defending your Product/Service
  • Lead Generation and Lead Management
  • Prospecting the Lead

Module 5: Walking the Sales Process (Part 2)

  • Effective Sales Meeting
  • Sales Presentation
  • Qualifying the Prospect
  • Handling the Objection
  • Closing the Deal

Module 6: Selling with Emotional Intelligence

Participants will be given important Sales templates/tools for Product Definition, Target Audience, Lead Management Templates Marketing Plan etc. Module 3 will end in a brain storming session among participants. It goes beyond training to practically develop a marketing plan for your company


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