Executive Emotional Mastery Coaching

Do you have Emotional Weaknesses you can share with anybody and you need a trusted, confidential Coach that would not just listen to you but help you break that weakness/limitations through a proven step-by-step model?

Then this One-On-One is for you. Weather face to face or through the Telephone

The global training bodies have concluded based on repeated research that while training is important and must be deployed, true “transfer of knowledge” is realizes for only 15% of all training participants. Furthermore, while training intervention with managers would increase manager’s productivity by 22%, adding a one-on-one coaching intervention after the training pushed productivity to 88%.

Coaching is a professional relationship with a Certified Life Coach that helps people produce extraordinary results in lives, careers, businesses or organisation; helping them to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Its is about moving individual and business from a current state to a desired state. Coaching is not Mentoring or Counselling, it is a professional guidance system built on proven models.



  • Focus your attention regardless that other thoughts may be vying for time.
  • Manage your body’s reactions with conscious awareness and response choices.
  • Calm any reactivity that would interfere with your ability to communicate.
  • Notice any limiting thoughts that cause emotions of fear, guilt, shame, and so on.
  • Better understand yourself and others as human beings on a learning journey.
  • Let go of fear-inducing beliefs and replace them with life enriching ones.
  • Choose the thinking-feeling state you want in a given moment.
  • Set an intention for what outcome you want to produce in your communication.
  • It gives more focus on coachee
  • The coachee is more open with areas of weakness that cannot be shared in the open
  • The coach uses personalized tools with coachee for in-depth self-awareness
  • The real root of performance challenge is identified and intervention is directly focused on such
  • Improvement can be tracked
  • The coach is a guide not an instructor
  • Coach and Coachee can create a custom plan: a “roadmap” to the goals
  • There is an avenue to resolve situational roadblocks that may emerge along the way

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