Surviving The Digital Age With EQ

Surviving The Digital Age With EQ

Surviving The Digital Age With EQ

With the rise of tech, are we losing our humanity? Or is technology going to help us flourish? A recent World Economic Forum focused on “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” — the era when we use technology to change ourselves. Artificial Intelligence is becoming ubiquitous, and algorithms are shaping how we shop, how we date, and even how laws are enforced.

Meanwhile, research suggests that the more we’re engaged in electronic communication, the less connected we FEEL.

Join this “EQ Café” on emotional intelligence in an era of accelerating technology. We’ll explore how technology is shaping our emotional reactions – and how we can use emotional intelligence to build thriving relationships despite the pressures of the Digital Age.

EQ Cafés are insightful, fun sessions for people curious about emotional intelligence to connect and learn together.

In this Café we will discover:

  • How we become distracted and our attention is captured by digital platforms.
  • Our own patterns around communication and how online communication can undermine and/or enhance authentic connection.
  • The latest research on building a healthy relationship between people and technology.


Who: Anyone interested in learning about and practising emotional intelligence – the learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skillset we all need to thrive.

What: Lunchtime Interactive workshop

When: Depends on the agreed date

Where: At your discretion

How: Call us on 08096303933

Duration: 2 Hours

Questions: Please email us <>

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