Clarify & Strengthen Your Purpose with EQ

Clarify & Strengthen Your Purpose with EQ


As we move from the tumult of 2020 into ‘the next stage’ post-Covid… what’s important? For many people, Covid 19 has been traumatic, and also for many, it’s been a catalyst for change. What will we change toward?

One important tool for answering this question is PURPOSE. And, with EQ, emotions can be a resource to clarify & strengthen purpose.

Join this highly participatory EQ Application Caf é to learn and practice emotional intelligence together. In preparation, please think about ONE OF YOUR GOALS and ‘bring it’ with you. We will share this during an activity.

Applied Emotional Intelligence courses at 2 Hours – Half Day or Full Day insightful sessions for employees to achieve change by applying the potency of emotional Intelligence to different areas of organizational needs.

 In this Café we will discover:

    • What does “purpose” mean and why it’s important
    • The role of emotions in helping us clarify and commit to a purpose
    • A draft (or new draft) of your purpose statement for 2021

Who: Anyone interested in learning about and practising emotional intelligence – the learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skillset we all need to thrive.

What: Lunchtime Interactive workshop

When: Depends on the agreed date

Where: At your discretion

How: Call us on 08096303933

Duration: 2 Hours

Questions: Please email us <>



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