As organizational structures continue to get flatter in the global workplace environment, the need to get the best out of subordinates will continue to get intensified. One key quality of today’s managers is the ability to guide subordinates effectively towards speedy performance and a proven and trusted tool to achieve such as Coaching and Mentoring. For the long term guidance of subordinate or for guidance towards the strengthening of a particular identified weakness, Coaching and Mentoring will remain a potent tool for improvement of employee performance.

This course has been designed to be highly practical and interactive as we impact participants with required tools.

Who should attend

Leaders at any level

Programme Fee

₦ 100,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


2 Days

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

The facilitators of this course is strictly by Practicing Certified Life Coaches. Each Participant would practice the process of Professional Coaching

Learning Outcomes

After completing this training, participants will :

  • Have developed an understanding of the principles of coaching and mentoring
  • Understand the part that coaching and mentoring play in the performance management context
  • Have identified the competencies a manager must develop in order to be an effective coach, and an inspiring mentor and when to use each intervention
  • Be able to use the GROW model with a high-comfort level and efficacy in both coaching and mentoring contexts
  • Be able to create a nurturing, productive environment
  • Understand how personalities & communication styles can create conflict, and learn how to adapt their styles to a productive coaching/mentoring outcome
  • Have developed an understanding of productive questioning skills and learn to deal with different types of performance issues
  • Have had the opportunity to develop and practice their skills in a supportive environment, and receive feedback and skill-coaching on their performance
  • Be in a position to confidently use their new knowledge and skills in the workplace and have a clear plan of action to implement

Module 1: Introduction

  • Understanding Coaching
  • Understanding Mentoring
  • Similarities and Differences

Module 2: Building Rapport

  • What is Rapport?
  • Strategies for building rapport
  • Mirroring for acceptance

Module 3: The Power of Questions

  • Types of Questions
  • Using questions for performance development

Module 4: The G.R.O.W Model

  • Determining the Goal
  • Establishing Realities
  • Generating Options
  • Establishing the Will

Module 5: Communication in Coaching and  Mentoring

  • Effective Listening
  • Providing Feedback

Module 6: Emotional Stability in Coaching and Mentoring


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