It is impossible to operate an organization in isolation, there would always be one form of communication or the other. The exchange of Ideas, information, instructions and the expression of acceptance or refusal are fundamental features of any organization. These exchange can take place internally within employees or externally with customers, vendors, other stakeholders and organizations. The purpose of this course is to empower and optimize the communication process in your organization. We know without any doubt that the continuous success of your organization is pivoted upon the aggregate communication style prevailing in your organization. This program is highly practical, filled with role plays, self assessments, video analysis, emotional hooks and case studies.

Who should attend

Middle Level Managers (Anybody who is responsible for the performance of others)

Programme Fee

₦ 120,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


3 Days

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

The Personality Analysis for this course includes 6 Circle Personality Analysis and DISC Personality Analysis  

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this Training Program, participants will:

  • Describe the Process of Communication as it affect the success in communication
  • Use the right Body Language for different situations
  • Manage their tone effectively to make communication accurate
  • Identify their personal communication style, the strength and weakness of it and the best use of it.
  • Differentiate between hearing and listening and recognize the act of effective listening
  • Write result driven proposals
  • Describe the components of a complete communication
  • Compose sentences with courtesy and pleasantness
  • Identify the intricacies of telephone conversation

Module 1: Introduction to Business Communication

  • Understanding Business Communication Process
  • Perspective in Communication

Module 2: Empowering the Elements of Communication

  • The shared weight of your communication
  • The Myth and Mastery of Words
  • The Mystery of Body Language
  • The Mix of Tone

Module 3: The Communicator Style Matrix

  • Dynamics of Direct Communicator
  • Dynamics of Spirited Communicator
  • Dynamics of Considerate Communicator
  • Dynamics of Systematic Communicator
  • The Emotionally Balanced Communicator

Module 4: Mastering Listening Capabilities

  • Hearing and Listening
  • Personal Listening Barriers
  • Mastering Active Listening

Module 5: Business Writing

  • Rules that govern Written Communication
  • Email Communication
  • Writing Letters
  • Writing Proposals

Module 6: Making Communication Complete

  • The 5 “I”s of Communication
  • The Visual and Auditory “I”
  • The Feelings “I”
  • The Interpreting “I”
  • The Action “I”
  • The Result “I”

Module 7: Telephone Mastery

  • Call Structure
  • Telephone Etiquette/Non Verbal Effect
  • Customer Satisfaction over the telephone

Module 8: The Equation of Courtesy in Communication

  • Creating the MODAL Hook
  • Getting Magical
  • Applying Intention
  • Making Feedback Count


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