…a holistic customer service empowerment course for the entire organization

Culture is our way of life; a strong service culture that leads to sustained improvements to customer experience, and a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations. But where do you start? and how do you ensure everyone in the organization sustains the same culture? There is a direct connection between customer service, or lack thereof, and money made and lost.

This program is designed by the Service Quality Company in United States of America to create a new superior culture for your customer service expectation, it has been designed to handle every area of customer servicing.

Who should attend

Every member of an organization seeking to improve her brand through better customer relationship

Programme Fee

To be Discussed Modules can be adjusted to fit your need and timing


5 Days

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

Learning Outcomes

This program will…

  • Help you define ways SPEED can work in your organization to provide exceptional service
  • Define the internal and external barriers to SPEED
  • Work with employees to identify the SPEED mindset needed for success
  • Show the relationship between empowerment and effective use of SPEED
  • Recognize how your policies and procedures can affect SPEED
  • Show employees that waiting until the last minute doesn’t leave time to overcome problems


  • Explain what customer service means in relation to internal & external customers
  • Recognize how one’s attitude affects service standards
  • Master ways to develop & maintain a positive, customer focused attitude
  • Develop need analysis techniques to better address customer needs
  • Apply outstanding customer service techniques to generate return business
  • Practice techniques for developing goodwill through in-person customer service
  • Formulate take away techniques for service excellence over the phone
  • Gain insight to connecting with customers online
  • Master techniques for dealing with difficult customers
  • Acquire tools for recovering difficult customers
  • Understand when to escalate


  • The concept is to deliver exceptional service not just good service. By giving the employees fresh, exciting course you keep the customer service message a going concern.
  • Everyone’s Important
  • Delivering Exceptional service
  • Customer Care
  • Communicating Quality
  • Value Added Service
  • Problem Solving in Customer Service
  • Service Recovery

Module 3: FEELINGS

  • Teach the skills and techniques of customer service, Build the self-worth of employees and help them feel good about themselves, and improve morale and teamwork. FEELINGS has a strong focus on personal growth and development.
  • Change attitudes and behaviors.
  • Provide leading edge customer service skills and principles.
  • Increase the self-worth, pride, and professionalism of every person within your organization.


  • This course will help everyone understand how to handle irate customers and difficult situations.
  • Listen carefully and with interest—but also try to listen to what they are “NOT” saying
  • Put yourself in your customer’s place—how would YOU feel in a similar situation?
  • Ask questions and actively listen to the answers. Use closed-ended questions to elicit a yes/no, or other one-word answer because you get raw information, rather than feelings or emotions.
  • Suggest alternatives that address their concerns, and always do so with sincere empathy
  • Apologize without taking blame for it; might not be your fault.
  • Solve the problem quickly and efficiently—and allow your customers to vent, which will allow you to better understand their emotion and their position


  • The focus is on service recovery. When your firm makes a mistake, how do you take a customer from hell to heaven in 60 seconds or less.
  • Act Quickly
  • Take Responsibility
  • Be Empowered


  • Improves your employee’s ability to remember and easily use a customer’s name–and overcome roadblocks to remembering–significantly improving their overall customer service experience.
  • Understand that a person’s name is a precious possession.
  • Eliminate roadblocks to remembering
  • and using the person’s name.
  • Value the significance of your customer’s overall experience.
  • Use proper name etiquette.
  • Improve your memory for all kinds of facts.
  • Learn the importance of using their name every time.
  • Understand how memory works.

Mastering Remember Me will…

  • Build a brand centered around customer care
  • Provide a higher level of customer experience than your competitors
  • Master a skill that will get customers to return again and again

Module 7: SPEED

  • Do it fast, Do it now, and Do it right!

SPEED means dramatically shortening the time it takes to complete any task for  customers and co-workers


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