A team is not just a set of people working together, to achieve “team” status, members must have the capability to collaborate and complement each other continuously under a tranquil environment, as the successful operations of any team is their ability to effectively collaborate.

We will not just teach; we will build your team as this training involves numerous team building exercises.

Who should attend

Middle Level Managers, Entire Team

Programme Fee

₦ 75,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


2 Days

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this training will:

  • Understand the core concept of Team as opposed to mere working together
  • Identify with Collaboration as a critical success factor in Team work
  • Gain in-depth understanding about Sharing in Teamwork as opposed to Hoarding
  • Learn effective problem solving skills that work for Team situations
  • Develop decision making techniques that makes it easy to make decisions in a team
  • Improve on their communication as they work within a team
  • Identify ways of smoothen Interpersonal Relationship amongst different types of people
  • Develop their Emotional Quotient which improves their Self Understanding and Control
  • Identify ways of avoiding ,managing and resolving conflict

Prior to this course, each participants will go through a Brain Style assessment to identify their personal Brain Style and a dashboard for the entire team can be generated to identify the team’s strength and weaknesses; their profile and the dashboard will be debriefed during the training

Module 1: Understanding the Concept “TEAM”

  • Pre-Training Team Assessment
  • What really does the term TEAM means
  • Stages of Team Creation

Module 2: Collaboration Framework for Improved Team Performance

  • Collaboration as a Leverage Solution
  • 4 Stages of Team Collaboration
  • Engaging the Collaborative Process
  • The Dynamics of Sharing and Hoarding

Module 3:  Indispensable Skills for High Performing Team

  • Communicating within a Team
  • Assertiveness within a Team
  • Criticism within a Team
  • Conflict Resolution within a Team

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence for High Performing Team

  • Emotional Intelligence and Team Success
  • Building Your Emotional Bank Account
  • Blocks of Emotional Intelligence

Module 5: Problem Solving and Decision Making Within Team

  • What are Problems?
  • Key Steps to Solving any Problem
  • Decision Making Techniques within Team


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