…leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leadership; beyond all explanation is “ability to influence people” towards the attainment of stated goals.

How do you relate with, communicate with, delegate, motivate, reprimand and influence different people with different backgrounds, beliefs, thought patterns and temperament?

How do you ensure a harmonious environment within your team?

Emotional Intelligence teaches the ability to master “self” and understand “others”; the resultant effect is effective leadership and thus operational success. “Emotional Intelligence competencies are not innate talents, but learned abilities, each of which has a unique contribution to making leaders more resonant, therefore, more effective…” -Daniel Goleman. We have designed this program to be highly practical and the exercises are everyday real life situations.

Who should attend

Leaders at different levels saddled with the responsibility of influencing subordinates.

Programme Fee

₦ 75,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


2 Days

Modules can be adjusted to fit your need and timing

Learning Outcomes

In this powerful Leadership Program, Participants will :

  • Develop the capacity to work and relate with different personality types
  • Identify how to manage their emotions in challenging situations
  • Develop empowering communication style that keeps subordinates motivated
  • Sustain a more harmonious team
  • Delegate and motivate better with improved feedback
  • Develop improved work relationships
  • Improve leadership effectiveness
  • Manage change within organization more effectively
  • Gain the power for emotional flexibility and thus aid good decision making even under “pressure”

Module 1: i-Factory Personality Model

  • Who are you?
  • Why you act the way you do
  • 3 Variables that Defines YOU

Module 2: Defining and Analyzing “EMOTIONS”

  • Emotion as a process
  • The Equation of Emotion
  • Levels of Emotional Competence
  • The Cycle of Emotions
  • The Cognition of Emotional Intelligence

Module 3:  Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence and the 5 Leadership Fundamentals
  • The 7 Step Emotional Intelligence Journey to Influence

Module 4: Building Arcs of Emotional Intelligence

Part 1: The Know Yourself Arc

(Personal Leadership Cognition and Assessment)

Part 2: The Choose Yourself Arc (C.O.I.N Model)

(Bridging the Gap between weakness and Mastery) 

Part 3: The Social Awareness Arc

(Understanding others and the right “People Paradigm” to sustain)

Part 4: Give Your Self Arc  (NOBLE GOAL)              

(Creating an internal overarching purpose for impact making leadership) 

This training is facilitated by a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Trainer


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