Culture is simply “the way we do things around here”…though the definition seem simple;

Peter Drucker said “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast, Operational Excellence for Lunch and Everything else for Dinner”.

The difference between “Stated Culture” and “Operational Culture” determines the Productivity of any company.

How does unwanted culture creeps into our workplace and what can we do to establish and maintain a preferred culture?

This training program has been designed to subtly uncover the unacceptable culture being sustained in your workplace and more importantly develop strategies that will help organization sustain a preferred culture.

Who should attend

All members of Staff within an organization that intends to enhance work place professionalism

Programme Fee

₦ 50,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


1 Day

Must admit at least  50% of the workforce

This Unique program is deployed as a Coaching Intervention Program instead of a regular training intervention; solutions are created in the course of the program as it is filled with result generating culture oriented exercises.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Relate organizational culture with productivity
  • Identify the impact of culture on productivity
  • Recognize how culture impacts on their Emotions
  • Utilize Emotional Intelligence tools to manage their emotions irrespective of the organizational culture

At the end of this training, for the organization, there would be:

  • A recognition of the different levels at which organizational culture is crafted
  • An identification of the unwanted culture in the organization`
  • Joint conclusion about how to promote the preferred organizational culture
  • Establishment of how the Culture would be maintained
  • Renewed motivation to start doing things right.

Module 1: Culture and Productivity… Cognition and Link

  • Introduction to Culture and Productivity?
  • What lies between Culture and Productivity?
  • The effect of Culture on Productivity
  • Levels of Organizational Culture

Introduction: Six Circle Personal/Organizational Analysis

  • An exposition into “How we got here”

Module 2: Our Culture; what is it; what should it be;

  • Your Organizational culture assessment/analysis
  • Identification of unwanted culture in your organization

Module 3: Culture and Emotions

  • The impact of Culture on Employee’s Emotions
  • Managing Emotions within Organizational Culture

Module 4: Establishing and Managing a Productivity Enhancing Culture

  • 5 Phases of Establishing a preferred workplace culture
  • Strategies For Managing a positive workplace culture


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