…secrets of working stress free in demanding environments that workers must master to increase productivity

What exactly does “working under pressure” means?, this statement is almost becoming a cliché on the interview table. With the complexities of our present business world, expectations are high and as such people need to achieve so much in time; but is the need to achieve so much the catalyst for pressure? It has become extremely important for people to understand the dynamics of workplace pressure and more importantly develop the required resilience . While stress and pressure are two different elements, they affect our state per time, and at such times we would deploy actions upon which results would be determined. This course is designed to help participants work effectively irrespective of the “pressure” the environment seem to be exerting.

Who should attend

Employees of any organization with demanding activities.

Programme Fee

₦ 50,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


1 Day

Modules can be adjusted to fit your specific training need and timing

Learning Outcomes

After this training, participants will:

  • Recognize what is positive stress and what is negative stress
  • Identify the difference between Pressure and Stress
  • Recognize the physiological and mental result of “working under pressure”
  • Use techniques to gain resilience against pressure
  • Thinking traps which get in the way of performance and prolong stress unnecessarily
  • Tips on how to reduce pressure and stress levels
  • Change pressure situations into positive ones
  • Discuss the type of situations that cause stress
  • How our attitudes, beliefs and behavior can build resilience to stress
  • What happens to our mind and body when we overload it with stress and how to protect ourselves?
  • Use techniques to show how to reduce stress levels and build resilience
  • Achieve increase productivity on the job

Module 1: Recognizing Pressure

  • Pressure; what Is it?
  • Pressure vs Stress
  • Pressure Cooker
  • The positive and negative impact of pressure
  • Types of Pressure

Module 2: The Myth of  Working under Pressure

  • Internal vs External Pressure
  • STEP Model for Pressure Awareness

Case Study

  • Meeting Case
  • Deadline Case
  • Expectation Case
  • People Case

Module 3:  Pressure and Personality

  • Personality Brief
  • Your Personal Pressure Type
  • Your Pressure Analysis

Module 4: Managing Pressure, Emotional Intelligence Pathway

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Impact Consciousness
  • Navigate Emotions
  • Action vs Alternate Action

Module 5: The Reaction Cycle


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