EQ Insights for People Management (IPM) 

This is a remarkable program which includes personalized courseware incorporating the insights of the Brain Profiles with practical applications for management. The result: Growing self-awareness and practical strategies to improve managerial competence. 

“IPM is a journey to effectively managing people, powered by awareness of self and others. Great blend of tools, practices, and action planning.” —Solafa Batterjee, CEO, Doroob, Jeddah, KSA

IPM is a powerful 1-day workshop to build insight for managing people. Participants attending the IPM program each receive a personalized workbook-report of about 50-page that is a combination of their emotional intelligence assessment results, individual guide to the course activities, and personalized tips to improve managerial competence.

A Mini Certification by Six Seconds USA.

Who should attend

Learning & Development Professional 

Mid to Senior Management Positions

Everyone working to develop the people side of performance

Programme Fee

₦ Can be discussed


1 Day

Training Benefit

Step 1: Clarify the value of emotional intelligence and your vision of leveraging EQ.
Step 2: Recognize why EQ and the insights from the Brain Profiles are essential for leaders in this VUCA context – and learn how to use these tools in practical
organizational applications such as communication, talent and strategy.
Step 3: Become certified to deliver this powerful 1-day program to build insights for effectively managing people.

In volatile markets and rapid change, what really creates performance? New insights from neuroscience and organizational research reveal key drivers that make the
difference. In an action-packed training, managers and people responsible for increasing managerial performance will access key insights and powerful tools to work better with people. “Emotional intelligence” isn’t just a buzzword for people-skills, it’s a specific, learnable, measurable skillset to improve performance.

“Great program that brings emotional awareness with content and credibility. Perfect level of interaction, theory and activities”. —Marcelo De Paulo, Director L&D, Viceroy Hotels

Other Details on IPM

EQ Insights for People management In an active, engaging workshop, managers increase self-awareness, build confidence and improve people management skills to
enhance performance.
Emotions drive people, and people drive performance. How do you make that practical for manager?
EQ Insights for People Management (IPM) is a hands-on workshop that equips managers with the insights that “great managers know.” The 8-hour program (can be a day or divided) is structured through a personalized workbook (a combination of course materials, Brain Brief, Brain Talent, and Brain Discovery Profiles) – with extensive custom information for each participant.

After this day introduction, in combination with steps 1 & 2 of this certification, you’ll know how to use this insightful content. As a learning & development professional, you’ll be equipped with the courseware (slides, facilitator’s guide, sample proposal, sample workbook) and your own IPM personalized workbook.

Learning Outcomes

In IPM, managers…
1. Identify a current workplace challenge and map specific actions to support successful outcomes.
2. Recognize their personal Brain Profile and how this impacts their focus, decisionmaking and drive in their role as a people manager.
3. Gain insight into the Brain Profiles of others, and how this can be utilized to improve interactions.
4. Identify their Brain Talents and how these can be leveraged to put EQ into action to increase your effectiveness in leading, collaborating and working with others to improve performance.
5. Develop a personal SWOT analysis and commit to an action plan to apply their knowledge to improve people management.

Each participant receives a personalized workbook with their EQ assessment results plus custom exercises and tips to put their learning into action.

“After IPM, now I understand how I can work with different people and scenarios effectively – instead of relying on just one approach.” – Hatim Ali, Head of Quality


  • How do people process both rational and emotional data?
  • How do simple neuroscience insights help you be a better manager?


  • How do people work and relate differently?
  • What are the elements and insights to increasing your emotional Quotient?


  • How can you leverage your insight into brain styles to understand and optimize your interactions with team members?


What are your key strengths (Brain Styles) and how do you use those to engage the talent of your people?

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