Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional (EICP)

Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional (EICP)

Building Capacity for Holistic Performance & Transformation

|Focus | Decision Making | Drive Effectiveness | Relationship | Well-Being | Quality of Life

Next EICP Certification (Online Version): 6 Online Modules + 6 Webinars | Days: Tuesday 22ndh to Friday 25th March, 2022 | Fee: N300,000 (Earlybird N250,000 on or before February 28th, 2022. | Click to Download EICP Brochure Here+

Next EICP Certification (Online) Version: Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th July 2024 | Fee: N400,000 (Early bird N350,000 on or before June 14th, 2024) Click to Download EICP Brochure Here

Course Overview

After billions of dollars in research and fact finding, using world class organizations, analyzing the human brain, closing studying different set of people and their results worldwide over substantial numbers of years, the world knowledge bodies, scientists, information technology experts, human resource professionals, ivy league universities like Yale, Harvard, Silicon Valley, Society for Human Resource Resource Management, International Coaching Federation, and so on have concluded that your Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more important in achieving a holistic success in life than your Intelligent Quotient (IQ).

Why You Should Attend This Program?

Undiluted Content

EICP is the only Emotional Intelligence Certification that is 100% dedicated to and completely focuses on Emotional Intelligence in West Africa.


The only course that practically immerse you in the world of Emotional Intelligence for 4 straight days of face to face training, pre course activities and post course activities.

Why Choose Us

Global Partnership

Our partnership with Six Seconds makes this certification the only globally recognized Emotional Intelligence Certification in West Africa. Six Seconds is the worlds largest emotional intelligence Network.

Globally Recognized Certificate

Your certificate will carry the highly respected Six Seconds “Preferred Partner” emblem which is recognized anywhere in the world.

Noble Goal Coaching

A one-on-one consolidation coaching session is available for every participant who so desires.

Certification’s Value Proposition

The EICP® is designed for participants to experience the core competencies of Emotional Intelligence, using the Six Seconds Model as a lead model and cascading into other potent available models. At the end of the program, you are expected to walk away with an indepth understanding of Emotional intelligence.

Vision: The Vision of EICP® is to produce leaders who would use the potency of Emotional Intelligence to make their world and the world around them a better place.

Our Emotional Intelligence Model

•Know Yourself

Is increasing self–awareness. It helps people gain insight into the emotional drivers of behavior.

•Choose Yourself

Is building self–management and self–direction. It helps people identify key goals, follow intentions intentionally, and proactively solve problems.

•Give Yourself

Is aligning daily choices with a larger sense of purpose. It helps people put their vision and values in action, maintain healthy relationships, and build thriving teams and organizations.

To provide a practical and simple way to learn and practice emotional intelligence, Six Seconds developed a three-part model in 1997 as a process – an action plan for using emotional intelligence in daily life. Learnable, Measurable, Scientific backed up with Artificial Intelligence. This model of EQ-in-Action begins with three important pursuits: to become more aware (noticing what you do), more intentional (doing what you mean), and more purposeful (doing it for a reason).

This course is designed for:

• Individuals who know they can achieve more in world/life but find it difficult to do what is required of them.

• Individuals whose work, results and achievements are being undermined by their aggressive communication style, anger issues and other forms of emotional weaknesses.

• Individuals who are are kind hearted and find it difficult to stand their ground and say no when it is required resulting in poor performance and results

• Individuals who are considered achievers but find it difficult to relate with certain types of people in their work/life and this is affecting some important aspect of their life and results at work

• Individuals who are highly driven but cannot really manage some emotions that are toxic for workplace and relationships

• Individuals who have identified a consistent pattern of negative emotions that are affecting their results and relationships

• Individuals who are need to empower their ability to choose the life style that is healthy for their well being

• Individuals who are not happy, do not feel fulfilled, do not feel satisfied with their efforts

• Individuals who find it difficult to accept other people’s ideas and always prefer to work alone in order to achieve results.

• Individuals who find it difficult to accept other people’s ideas and always prefer to work alone in order to achieve results.

Do you have a dream to become a certified life coach, help people become better people, help people sort out their emotional issues, then you need EICP.
EICP is first step to our Emotional Intelligence Certified Life Coaching Certification (EICC)
We believe you must be empowered before you can help others.

The EICP Assessment and Diagnosis

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) provides a solution to help leaders measurably improve in the people-side of performance. The tool assesses competence and delivers a practical roadmap for development. SEI scores predicts over 54% of important success factors: decision-making, influence, effectiveness, relationships, quality of life, and health —essential outcomes for thriving teams.

The SEI Leadership Profile

The Brain Profiles distil the power of an advanced assessment tool into one page for compelling, quick, meaningful insight into your brain. You’ll experience the Profiles in EICP and through your account as a performer you can begin using the Profiles as a Coach Consultant and EI performer.Plus you will have access to a free eLearning course to go deeper into how to use the Profiles.

Brain Profiles
Brain Talent Profile
Brain Discovery Profile
Brain Brief Profile
EQ Dashboard

Module 1

Why EQ? What are the benefits of emotional intelligence?

How do these competencies drive performance, leadership, learning, change, relationship and effective decision making?

Understanding Emotions: What exactly are emotions and what are the dynamics of the emotions we feel

Defining EQ: There are many different definitions of emotional intelligence – what does it really mean? How does Six Seconds put this science in action?

• i-Factory Personality model: What is the process that determines who we are, how does it influence the emotions we feel and the action we deploy to determine the results we achieve

Module 2

• Know Yourself: Emotional Literacy. What are emotions and how do they serve us? How do people gain the vital power and information contained in feelings?

• Know Yourself: The Brain. What’s the neuroscience behind emotional intelligence, and how do I use a Six Second Pause to shift out of reaction?

Know Yourself: Patterns. What keeps people repeating dysfunctional behaviors, and how do we change that?

• Know Yourself: Brain Profiles. How does my brain process EQ? What are the Brain Profiles? How can I use these insightful tools with others?

Module 3

Choose Yourself: Consequential Thinking. How do I use emotions to help me make optimal decisions? How can I help others see this linkage?

• Choose Yourself: Intrinsic Motivation. What fuels my energy and lets me “steer my own ship”? How do I use the Brain Profiles to understand and fuel motivation?

• Choose Yourself: Optimism. What skills to empower people to take charge of their futures in the face of stress and change?

• Choose Yourself: Navigate Emotions. How do I transform emotions to move forward? How can I explain the cycle of reaction and help people navigate out of reaction and into balance?

Module 4

• Give Yourself: Empathy. What does it take to powerfully connect with someone, understand them, and build a solid foundation?

• Give Yourself: Noble Goals. What is a Noble Goal and how could it help me be more of who I want to be? What is my purpose and how do I put that in action? How can I help people discover their sense of purpose and use that to increase alignment and engagement?

• Into Action. What are the most essential concepts from this week for me, my job, colleagues, and the populace? How do I apply these insights? What are my next steps?

• Cases. How can I apply the tools from this week to create positive change?


Date: Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th of July 2024 |

Time: 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Venue: Online

Investment: Fee: 400,000 (Earlybird N350,000) on or before June 140th, 2024

Group discounts are available; Please call



For registration and questions

Olabisi Yusuf




About Us

We Build the Head and the Hand through the HEART


Pause Factory; The Emotional Intelligence Academy is a Strategic Business Unit of Simeon’s Pivot Resources, a full fledge human resource company.

Pause Factory; Emotional Intelligence Academy is a member of International Society of Emotional Intelligence and presently one of the only two Preferred Partners of Six Seconds (the world’s largest Emotional Intelligence Network) in Africa.

Before the establishment of Pause Factory, Simeon’s Pivot Resources, have successfully deployed leadership, management and soft skills training and consulting intervention, impacting knowledge within all levels in organizations from Drivers to Chief Executive Officers in all sectors of the economy. In all of those years, there was an unending search for the secret to successful employee and organizational transformation.

Our Philosophy: The Head- The Heart- The Hand

Based on global research and the mission to fact find the secret to the success of training and consulting intervention, we have come to realize that there exist the “building of the HEAD” and also the “building of the HEART”. When the HEAD is trained, information is transferred at the cognitive level, it hardly moves the “HAND” to PERFORM. KNOWING does not guarantee DOING. To “PERFORM” is to “ACT” and ACTIONS are propelled by “FEELINGS” or the management of “FEELINGS” in the globally accepted process known as “THINK-FEEL-ACT”.

While the goal of training is TRANSFORMATION, when a training does not impact the HEART to invoke EMOTIONAL reasons for CHANGE, the training would not yield the expected transformation At Pause Factory, we have mastered the art of touching the HEART; every intervention is soaked in Emotional Intelligence Competencies; thus, while others build the head, we build the HEAD and the HAND through the HEART.



This training is bigger in impact than my program in Harvard University… 

– Lanre Kuponiyi; Director: GlobalCerts & Strategy

EICP is a game changer for me both personally and professionally. Now I know myself, I choose myself and I give myself. I’m beginning to re-write my stories so as to ultimately change my results and personality…Kudos to Mr. Enahoro and the entire Pause Factory Team..

– Dr. Senjobi Folajimi O; Specialty Registrar in Family Medicine.

I am leaving knowing that my emotion is an app and I can deploy the right app suitable for any situation…

– Wendy John Opute

I didn’t realize my regard for self was extremely low and I wasn’t emotional intelligent(sound), this is was therapeutic experience for me, learning to respond intelligently instead of reacting wrongly, learning to choose myself, know myself and give myself and tagging my emotions so I can functions better. You might want to PAUSE and intentionally think through your actions. I recommend EICP for every one and PAUSE FACTORY WILL DELIVER THE BEST. 

– Qunette Enilama; Child Educator

A highly impactful and value adding program, richly packaged to institute a life changing sequence.

– Kemi Abayeh: Head of Training, ITF Uyo. 

This is the kind of trainings Leaders need to attend, if we knew about this, we would have made it part of the last Leadership Training in Dubai…

– Folusho Samuel; Head Human Resources; Industrial Training Fund

This is a very good program; many Nigerians needs this at this time.

– Bimpe Olufemi; Associate Director, Head FITC Consulting

“The Pause Factory Emotional Intelligence Academy is one of a kind. I think Simeon’s Pivot Resources is making a major in-road. Enahoro Okhae is indeed a guru. Bringing him to our organization is a priceless value to our people.” 

– KUNLE .A SORIYAN; Principal Transformation Strategist; Olakunle Soriyan Company

Video Testimonials

Have You Met Bunmi

Bunmi worked in one of the most renowned organization in Nigeria. Although had a good job at hand,  life happened to her job and she  had to leave her 9-5 job. Upon her exit from her job, she tried to empower herself to gain clarity and start her own business but could not, she enrolled for numerous programs that would help to kick off her choice of business, all her efforts and the programs she tried did not yield any result until she stumbled on Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional (EICP) Certification advert online. She took a step to make inquiry about the certification and she enrolled for the course.

During the training, she was able to first find herself, she was able to identify her purpose in life which was eventually used as a premise for creating her company. Immediately after her training, she started the journey of establishing her company and got it  registered.  As we speak Bunmi is living her best life as she is fulfilling her nobel goal on daily basis. She named her company  “The Liberation Resources” as a result of her purpose and her brand name is Liberator.

Do you also wish to gain clarity about your life purpose, or you find it difficult to make certain decisions  which can push you forward in your journey of life. Here is another opportunity  for you to make it right.

Since 2016 we have helped to build peace, purpose, clarity and happiness into the lives of our participants.

– Some come in sad and angry with life, and they leave with peace and are happy with life again.
– Some come in confused  about who they are, not sure why they act the way they do, they leave with utmost clarity.
– Some come in wounded with past experiences of life and a heavy unforgiving and bitter heart; they get those issues resolved, they forgive and they are able to move on.
– Others come in with issues like anger, perfectionism, passiveness , aggressiveness etc. and they are able to find a balance that makes life a better place
– Each participant gets a 20 page personalized emotional intelligence developmental report, that reveals their emotional quotient and also show them strategies to personally practice and improve their Emotional Intelligence.
In the entire program we play, cry, meditate, assess, resolve and we all get to a place of freedom to live the lives we have always wanted to live.
Each person leave with what we call “The Noble Goal”, a statement that encompasses their entire purpose in life; it creates a daily fulfillment.
You will become more EFFECTIVE, sustain smoother RELATIONSHIPS, become HEALTHIER, and live HAPPIER.
To come onboard please call 08090873207 | 08096303933 or send a mail to trainings@pausefactory.org



International Society For Emotional Intelligence
We sustain membership with the International Society for Emotional Intelligence
Preferred Partner New 2021 A
We are the presently only Preferred partner to Six Seconds in West Africa and one of the only three in the entire Africa
Pause Factory
We align people and performance for optimal results emotions drive people and more

We are licensed by Six Seconds to build Emotionally Intelligent People and to assess people’s Emotional Quotient with the finest Emotional Intelligence assessments in the world.

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