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What exactly is the goal of waking up every morning and heading out? While we are all so busy “living life” “as it were”; there is always that unanswered question about us yearning for clarity. The best thing that can happen to any human being is to have clarity about this journey of life and more importantly to daily gain traction in the achievement of a Noble Goal which unfortunately is not in a “Future” but is in the “Now”

Ever wondered “Who really am I” and What am I here or”; “What exactly is Life all about” “Am I living the Life” “What is a Preferred Tomorrow” and “How do I Actualize it” This highly practical program creates “mind blowing answers” to your “mind boggling questions”. This is purely a Coaching Intervention that will awake participants to the real essence of their living.

Value Proposition

After this training, participants will:

  • Have a clearer definition of Who they are and how they were scripted
  • Have clarity about their Life
  • Gain clarity about their present state of life
  • Develop a clear, holistic and inclusive life plan
  • Identify ways to daily achieve their Life Purpose
  • Identify how to handle Mid-Life Crisis
  • Develop Strategies for staying relevant in different generations
  • Identify strategies for living a preferred life after retirement



Module 1:   Who Am I: MY SIX CIRCLES

Module 2: What is Life: MY PERSPECTIVE

Module 3: Where am I going: MY GOAL –MY NOBLE GOAL

Module 4:   Where am I: MY WHEEL-MY DRIVE

Module 5:   How do I get there: THE PIVOTAL WHEEL

Module 6:   Managing Mid-Life Crisis: HIBERNATED CHANGE

Module 7:   Generational Relevance: THE PRICE

Module 8: Life after Retirement: MY FULFILMENT


Who can attend?

Leaders at top managerial levels, C Suite Category


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