Balance Score Card and KPI Optimization for Human Resources and Non Human Resources Executives

Practice your skills and apply KPI best practices in a rigorous performance management framework

Who is the course designed for?
Leaders at any level who are saddled with the
responsibility of managing and improving
employee performance, either as a human resource professional or not.

In-Person Version:

Thursday, April 18th through Friday, April 19th, 2024

Fee: N250,000

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KPI Practitioner
The facilitator is a certified KPI Practitioner from the KPI Institute of Australia
KPI Professional
The facilitator is a certified KPI Professional from the KPI Institute of Australia


In a lot of organizations, performance management is a complex task for various reasons. Either the KPIs are not measuring what matters or the period allocated for performance measurement is too far apart to clearly, without bias, measure the true performance of a staff.

While it is easy to buy expensive performance management software, implement it, and pay staff to be in charge of performance management, the basic lack of understanding of balance scorecards and KPIs will bring complex frustration to the system. This program is designed for everyone to achieve a foundational understanding of the Balance Score Card and Key Performance Indicators and how to implement them in the Performance Management Value Chain.

With this training, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the concept and importance of performance management in organizational success.
  • Identify the various stages in the performance  management process
  • Understand and correctly use essential terms related to performance management.
  • Conceptualize and explain the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic management tool.
  • Clarify and apply the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard in organizational contexts.
  • Acquire the ability to construct effective Balanced Scorecards
    tailored to organizational needs.
  • Understand what KPIs are and their role in measuring
  • Learn how to decompose smart objectives into measurable elements.
  • Develop skills in identifying and choosing the most relevant KPIs for different organizational goals.
  • Gain knowledge about different types of KPIs and how to document them effectively.
  • Learn how to cascade strategic objectives and KPIs throughout different levels of the organization.
  • Understand and apply various performance monitoring indicators
    and questions.
  • Explore different performance measurement options.
  • Learn how to conduct productive performance review meetings.
  • Understand the steps in developing performance improvement plans that are actionable and impactful.


Module 1: Strategy & Performance
• Conceptualizing Performance
• Stages in Performance Management
• Review of Key Performance
Management Terms

Module 2: Balanced Score Card
• Conceptualizing Balanced Score Card
• Clarifying Balanced Score Card
• Building the Balanced Scorecard

Module 3: Optimizing Key Performance Indicators
• Demystifying KPIs
• Decomposing Smart Objectives
• Generating & Selecting KPIs
• KPI Typology
• Documenting KPI

Module 4: Cascading Balanced Score Card
• Scorecard Cascading Elements
• Cascading Strategic Objective
• Cascading Key Performance Indicators

Module 5: Performance Monitoring
• Performance Monitoring Indicators
• Performance Monitoring Questions
• Performance Monitoring Timeline

Module 6: Performance Review
• Performance Measurement Options
• Performance Review Meeting
• Giving Effective Performance Feedback

Module 7: Performance Improvement Plan

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