Brain Profiles

Snapshots of your brain’s styles and talents to effectively use emotional + cognitive data

Distill the power of an advanced assessment tool into one page for compelling, quick, meaningful insight into your brain.

  • Brain Brief Profile: How does your brain focus, decide, and drive?
  • Brain Talent Profile: What are your brain’s key strengths for creating the future?
  • Brain Discovery Profile: How are your style, strengths, and challenges creating results?
  • Dashboard: What is the EQ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a group, team, or class?
  • Youth Profiles: As above, for children

Using the full power of the in-depth, well validated SEI Assessment, the profiles bring a decade of research into an easy-to-use single page profile with profound value for learning, coaching, performance management, selection, and growth.

*Brain Brief: How Your Brain Prefers to Use Your EQ

Brain Brief Profile

The Brain Brief Profile (BBP) is a one-page synthesis
of the way a person’s brain processes emotional and
cognitive data.

Starting from neuroscience and 15 years of research
on emotional intelligence, the BBP provides a
simple, practical summary of how a person’s style
for using emotional intelligence — ie, integrating
thinking+feeling to make good decisions to drive
positive results.

The BBP is based on three dimensions of EQ:

Use: The BBP is highly effective for development/learning, coaching, mentoring, team development and for managers to use to build communication with their people.

*Brain Talent: How You Can Best Put EQ Into Action

Brain Talent Profile (BTP)

How can you best use your brain’s capabilities?
Based on robust research evaluating 1000s of leaders today, we’ve identified the 18 essential talents to create the future. Like a smartphone app, these “Brain Apps” are tools to build effectiveness.

Which “apps” do you want to run today?

Use: The BTP is ideal for career and performance coaching, team forming, and a wide range of training & development. What are the top talents in your team? Are you using them?

*Brain Discovery: Your Highest & Lowest EQ Talents

Brain Discovery Profile (BDP)

Go deeper to identify Brain Style, highestscoring
talents, and lowest-scoring talents.

The BDP includes data about Brain Style and the
three powerful scales (Focus, Decisions, Drive),
then it shows the highest and lowest scoring
talents — and how those link to essential life/work
outcomes (effectiveness, decisions making,
influence, relationships, health, quality of life).

Use: The BDP is used for performance and career coaching, individual development, manager-employee coaching, and is ideal for creating real insight in an interview in the selection process.

*Dashboard: At-a-Glance View of a Group’s EQ, Talents &


At-a-glance insight to the team’s emotional intelligence, talents, and performance.
The Dashboard provides instant insight to a team’s style, strengths and weaknesses. It shows why emotional
intelligence is essential, because it links EQ to results, showing the capabilities that the team/group is using (and not using) to create personal and professional success.

Use: The Dashboard is used for team development, management coaching, team formation, workforce planning, and strategic planning.

Serious science made simple. While many emotional intelligence tests and psychological profiles focus on behavior, these tools look at the drivers. Brain Style is about capability. Unlike many “style inventories,” the Brain Brief is distilled from a fullpower psychometric assessment. Participants take the SEI, the best-in-class emotional intelligence assessment. Responses are analyzed using a special algorithm utilizing all 20 normative scales.

*Brain Profiles for Youth: Essential EQ Data for Children

Similar to the adult Brain Profiles, the Brain Brief and Brain Talent Youth Version Profiles help youth and the
adults who work with them understand how their brain focuses and decides, and what drives it. These evidence-based profiles help youth recognize their key talents and strengths and how they can use these effectively for school and life success.

A group Dashboard Youth Version is a useful tool for teachers or group leaders who wish to assess the group’s overall EQ, brain styles, talents, challenges, and outcomes based on the in-depth and validated SEI-YV assessment for youth.

For the youth reports, a section for educators and parents has been added to support youth and increase awareness.

Perspective Version

The “pYV” (perspective youth version)
shows an adult’s perspective about the
youth. For example, a parent can take the
pYV and see the child’s Brain Style, from
the adult’s viewpoint. These Profiles are
particularly useful for younger children
or those who can not complete the selfassessment
— and for comparing
multiple perspectives about a child.

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A powerful snapshot of your brain’s current style for processing emotional and cognitive data. The Brain Brief Profile is a 1-page summary distilling a decade of research into an incredibly insightful summary of your Brain Style.

“Brain Style”

a picture of how the emotional and rational parts of your brain are working together.
Serious science made simple. While many profiles focus on behavior, these tools look at the drivers. Brain Style is about capability. Unlike many “style inventories,” the Brain Brief is distilled from a full-power psychometric assessment. Participants take the SEI, the best-in-class emotional intelligence assessment. Responses are analyzed using a
special algorithm utilizing all 20 normative scales.

Brain Style is Based on Three Elements:

Do you prefer data that is analytical or emotional?

Do you tend to protect or innovate?

Are you usually motivated by the practical or the idealistic?

These Three Scales Create Eight Profiles:

Scientist: Accurate, Careful, Precise.
Visionary: Passionate, Transformative, Forward-thinking.
Inventor: Analytical, Creative, Open.
Guardian: Caring, Careful, Pragmatic.
Strategist: Precise, Careful, Future-oriented.
Energizer: Committed, Creative, Real-world.
Deliverer: Task-oriented, Generative, Practical.
Sage: Caring, Protective, Long-term focus.

The Brain Brief Profile comes with a free “Brain Brief Interpretation Guide,” an e-book about Brain Styles. It includes additional background, plus how to work with your style — and how to work with people of other styles.