Talk to a Life Coach / Psychologist

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Why You Should Talk to a Life Coach/Psychologist


1. You want to make a career transition but you are unsure of how to do it
2. You are unhappy with your love life
3. You’re finding it hard to achieve the goal that you’ve been aiming for
4. You feel lonely
5. You feel insecure

6. You want to start your own business but are afraid to do so
7. You want to be more of a risk-taker
8. You are having problems with your personal life
9. You want to get rid of an addiction
10. You want to make a big change in your life and are unsure of how to do it

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Fee: N25,000 per session – 90 min – 120 min (Multiple sessions negotiable)

Please note: By clicking the submit button you have agreed that everything we discuss will be confidential, except if it would harm you or someone else and you are responsible for your commitment to achieve your outcomes?

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