Is Recruitment Bias Hampering Your Chances of Success?

Human Resources – Recruiters can be prone to unconscious bias during the hiring process. This inadvertently perpetuates discriminatory decisions, which can have a damaging effect for both the candidate and employer. But what’s more is that, for businesses, consistently hiring the wrong personnel can also be detrimental to financial performance. An expert explains how we […]

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How To Building a High Performance Team

Organizations have come to an understanding that in today’s ever-changing business scenario, the most valuable resource that needs to be leveraged is a human resource/workforce. This not just means attracting the crème-de-la-crème and retaining them but keeping them motivated and committed towards the organization’s goals. An engaged workforce produces better results for a business, does not hop […]

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How We Can Make Your Hiring Better Than In-Person

We Would Not Just Switch In-person Interviews To Video Conferencing And Call It a Day. With the vast majority of people who can work from home now doing so, the hiring process at Pause Factory Resource Limited has gone virtual. With a little extra coordination, onsite interviews are taking place via video conferencing and there are […]

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