Organisational Sales Solution

Our status revealing assessments and artificial intelligence provide a roadmap for increasing organization performance, profitability, and productivity.

They are a rapid, accurate check of performance drivers and operational “vital signs,” these tools put people on the dashboard and as such guide leadership and management about the right solution (training, coaching, changes, intervention) to help such person or people improve performance Invaluable in change and transformation.

These tools provide baseline data and measure ROI while they save time and money by focusing implementation efforts.

Executive Summary

LVS – Leadership Vital Signs – is a multi-rater assessment providing focused feedback about your leadership and comparisons between your and others’ perceptions. In this context, “leadership” is defined by the five components shown in blue on this graph.
The blue line shows your self-perception scores; the orange shows others’ perception. A line closer to the outside of the graph represents a higher score. Trust scores are shown in the central Trust diamond.

Executive Summary

TVS measures the drivers of team effectiveness, offering insight into the workplace climate and team dynamics. Climate is an overview of the employees’ relationship with and within the organization. The climate is the context in which employees work each day; research shows climate strongly influences how people perform their jobs.


This report provides a snapshot of the team climate and effectiveness. As leaders develop and use emotional intelligence to optimize relationships, climate improves. As climate improves, so does performance. In other words:

Using EQ Skills -> Improved Climate -> Improved Performance

This report will help you identify strengths and obstacles for team performance. If you choose to improve team effectiveness, the data in this report will guide you to identify specific, actionable areas for improvement; then re-measuring with the TVS will allow you to track the results of your efforts.

How is the “weather” in your workplace?

Are people constantly on the lookout for dangerous storms of destructive team member behavior?

Or are they looking forward to coming to work each day?

Organizational Climate is an indicator of the collective feelings, relationships, and
reactions in the workplace. A positive culture drives engagement, unlocks communication, and fuels performance.

The Vital Signs Model defines organizational climate in the five factors shown to the right.
A healthy climate will be balanced across the four dimensions of the model (peopleorganization and strategy-operations), and this will lead to higher levels of team member engagement.

The Vital Signs Model defines five key drivers of effective leadership that lead to four critical outcomes – that lead to sustainable performance:


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