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Online Version: Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional (EICP) June 2020


Online, Online

6 days of in-depth learning | Pre and Post Course | Globally recognized certificate | One year free online library | Free Life Coaching Session to consolidate learning with reality | Enjoy alumni benefits | Undoubtable clarity about Self| Superior Performance edge on the Job | A catalyst for career advancement.
A first step for those who want to become an Emotional Intelligence Coach.

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Vision: The Vision of EICP® is to produce  leaders who deploys the potency of  Emotional Intelligence tools to achieve  the holistic purpose of their life whilst  making the world around them a better  place.

6 Online Modules + 6 Webinars

Days: Monday 15th to Saturday 20th June, 2020

Fee: N200,000.

Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional

This course is designed for:

  • Individuals who know they can achieve more in world/life but find it difficult to do what is required of them.
  • Individuals whose work, results and achievements are being undermined by their aggressive communication style, anger issues and other forms of emotional weaknesses.
  • Individuals who are are kind hearted and find it difficult to stand their ground and say no when it is required resulting in poor performance and results.
  • Individuals who are considered achievers but find it difficult to relate with certain types of people in their work/life and this is affecting some important aspect of their life and results at work.
  • Individuals who are highly driven but cannot really manage some emotions that are toxic for workplace and relationships.
  • Individuals who have identified a consistent pattern of negative emotions that are affecting their results and relationships .
  • Individuals who need to empower their ability to choose the life style that is healthy for their well being.
  • Individuals who are not happy, do not feel fulfilled, do not feel satisfied with their efforts.
  • Individuals who find it difficult to accept other people’s ideas and always prefer to work alone in order to achieve results.


The only course that practically immerse you in the world of Emotional Intelligence for 4 straight  days of face to face training, pre course activities and post course activities.

Globally Recognized Certificate

Your certificate will carry the highly respected Six Seconds “Preferred Partner” emblem which is recognized anywhere in the world.

Noble Goal Coaching

A one-on-one consolidation coaching session is available for every participant who so desires.

Undiluted Content

EICP is the only Emotional Intelligence Certification that is 100% dedicated  to and completely  focuses on Emotional Intelligence in West Africa.

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