Team Vital Signs

Measure and Improve The Drivers of Team Performance

Team Vital Signs is a validated, web-enabled assessment that quickly captures essential indicators of your team’s health — and offers a clear path toward peak performance.

At a Glance:

Focus: Rapid, accurate insight into team climate (Climate = workplace context – how do your people feel coming into work?)

Value: Improve people performance

Uses: Change, people strategy, development, measure ROI on initiatives

Research: Validated, normed; climate scores predict sustainability, results, satisfaction, agility.

The TVS is a focused, practical tool to improve team efficacy. It can be seen as a “team 360” — but instead of evaluating an individual, team members (and team leaders) together evaluate the team as a whole.

Team Vital Signs

TVS Applications


In the change process, the bonds of teams are tested. High trust, highly effective teams are capable of leading change and maintaining (even increasing) performance during the process. Others implode. The TVS is ideal for strengthening teams that will be critical in a change process.

Team Efficacy

Just because a group of people is working together, they are not necessarily a team. The TVS identifies the areas where the group really is a team… and where they are not. Because the TVS dimensions are actionable, the results naturally lead to effective action planning for improvement.


In the US, companies spend over $150b annually on training and development, yet only around 30% of that training translates to performance change (INSIDE CHANGE, Freedman & Ghini). To what extent is a development program actually improving results? TVS offers a rapid process for measuring these results, both in terms of team dynamics and the performance outcomes of the improvement.

Team Vital Signs Combined Snapshot
What part of your team is adding full value?


• Strengthen team effectiveness.

• Prepare for new challenges and changes.

• Open dialogue about the team’s dynamics.

• Measure the results of interventions.

• Identify development needs.

• Create a shared vision of what it means to be a team.

• Pinpoint areas for the leader’s and team members’ attention.

In your workgroup and team what dynamics are moving you ahead – and what’s holding you back? It only takes 10 minutes to find out

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