How To Building a High Performance Team

Organizations have come to an understanding that in today’s ever-changing business scenario, the most valuable resource that needs to be leveraged is a human resource/workforce. This not just means attracting the crème-de-la-crème and retaining them but keeping them motivated and committed towards the organization’s goals. An engaged workforce produces better results for a business, does not hop […]

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18 Tips & Tricks To Master The Art of Human Resource Management

Human resource management It is much more than just solving internal disputes. Or presenting a lovely work culture in front of potential candidates and managing legal affairs. Human resource management is about building people of the organisation. It is about ensuring employee engagement, conducting fair company-wide practices and maintaining the overall health of the organisation. […]

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Sustaining Customer Relationships During Crisis

Even if your operations are shut down for the short term, continue to build and sustain relationships with current clients, and seek relationships with new ones. Many businesses are currently cutting down or even ceasing their operations for a limited time. This can be a frustrating time for entrepreneurs with big plans, but there is […]

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