3 practical Ideas to Fuel Business Innovation Based on The Latest Neuroscience Research

Researchers looked inside people’s brains as they innovated – jazz musicians improvising melodies, poets writing lines of poetry, and visual artists sketching book cover ideas – with the hope of mapping the regions, circuits or pathways implicated in innovative thinking. The answer, like the brain itself, is remarkable and complicated. It’s not as simple as identifying specific “innovation pathways,” […]

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3 Emotional Intelligence Tips to Ensure a Productive and Compassionate Feedback Against Anxiousness

3 steps to give feedback with EQ Giving feedback is many leader’s least favorite part of their job. It’s hard and uncomfortable and causes anxiety for both parties. To give feedback effectively, leaders must pay attention to what we call the first rule of emotional intelligence: If people feel attacked, they defend. The key to giving […]

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How To Building a High Performance Team

Organizations have come to an understanding that in today’s ever-changing business scenario, the most valuable resource that needs to be leveraged is a human resource/workforce. This not just means attracting the crème-de-la-crème and retaining them but keeping them motivated and committed towards the organization’s goals. An engaged workforce produces better results for a business, does not hop […]

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