• Are your employees not performing as you expect?
  • Have you tried several trainings and cannot see clear return on training investment?
  • Are you concerned about not having clarity of what each of your staff is doing?
  • Are you concerned with the unhealthy culture in your organization?
  • Do you wish to unite your team or improve employee buy-in in your organization?
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Emotional Intelligence

Go beyond the norm and apply Emotional Intelligence to your Leadership, Sales, Service, Teamwork, Culture for a more potent result .      

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People Management

People are the lifeblood of your organization,  let’s help you through your Talent Acquisition,  Talent Management & Talent Development.

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Performance Management

In order to align your people with performance we cascade your strategy into monthly measurable KPIs leading to Performance Improvement.

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Our training interventions are soaked in Neuro Science  to build the head through the heart for the hand to perform.

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We know that becoming certified is one of the best known ways to master a course, our certifications are immersions.   

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Have you tried several training interventions & still no result?; then plough into out coaching programs, let’s empower you inside-out.

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Leadership Spiritual Intelligence

Leadership Spiritual Intelligence

Applied Emotional Intelligence Courses

Short and precise Applied Emotional Intelligence trainings we can deploy over lunch at your office

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What You Gain Working With Us

  • Professional EI and EQ Specialists.
  • Certified Life Coaches.
  • Experienced HR Professionals.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Support.
  • Data to show effect of our solutions application.

Our Approach

At Pause Factory, we believe in Engaging the Leader /Organization through our status revealing leadership assessments to get key data is the first step to leadership development

Next step is to activate a customized leadership program designed from the result derived from the engage stage

This is a process of identifying the gains, learning from the process, seeing what works, recognizing the return on investment return

Partnerships and Affiliations

We are the first Preferred Partner to 6seconds USA in West Africa and the only one in Nigeria (2017) as a firm with deep expertise in applying Six Seconds’ tools and methods.
We create organizational transformation to strengthen the long-term value for all stakeholders. We partner with leaders, providing consulting and training using a robust, evidence-based methodology to deliver exceptional value to our clients.* Ref: 6seconds

“It was a great experience. This session was perfect as expected and practical as needed only if we can implement it”

Abiola Balogun / Credit Direct / Lagos

“I walked in here unhappy, confused and had absolutely no sense of direction, but after day 4, I can say I feel refreshed, a sense of direction and also I am ready to start my life with the energy of a lion. I am so ready for life”

Nwobi Ifunanyachukwu / EICP. / Lagos

“The training was very rich and insightful. I have learnt a great deal on what it takes to improve my leadership skills”

Ekanem / CFAO. / Lagos

“the training was able to give me reason to improve myself in my job and daily activities to make me a better and bolder person”

Nwodu Chinye / VIXA. / Lagos

“I haven’t attended such a training that will return my brain to reset mood. This will really help my relationship at work and anywhere I find myself. Job well done pause factory.”

Oluwakemi / Credit Direct. / Lagos

“I have learnt how to communicate rightly with customer, also manage their feelings with excellent service and product benefit.”

Ayuba Musa / Credit Direct. / Lagos

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