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We help to bridge performance gaps through Status Revealing Diagnosis and Assessments, Training and Development, Performance Management, Human Resource Consulting and Leverage Solutions.
We help solve Organizational Problems, Develop Strategies, Alter Weak Unproductive Processes and Optimize Performance of Employees and Organizations at large.
We will be ready to grant you a free chat at your convenience in regards to how we can collaborate with you to enhance the continuous improvement in the day to day performance of your employees.

An organization is only as strong as its workforce-its human resources. Simeon’s Pivot Resources offers a series of solutions to keep your staff and human resource motivated, inspired and positive.

Simeon’s Pivot Human Resource Consulting Services incorporate a broad spectrum of HR Solutions that will support the achievement of the strategic goals of your organization. At the end of it all, we ensure that the performance of your people are optimized.

The goal of this service is to create and run a functional Human Resource Department for you remotely.


An organization is only as strong as its workforce-its human resources. Pause Factory Resources offers a series of solutions to keep your staff and human resource motivated, inspired and positive.


Our HR technology solutions helps people and organization to engage, cater, and create opportunities. With our latest tools you will be able to deploy your HR functions effectively and seamlessly.


At Pause Factory, we can shoulder your burden by you outsourcing your HR to us while you dedicate your time and concentration on more important and strategic growth of your organization.


TalentBase is an easy-to-use web-based enterprise HR Information System enabling enterprises simplify and organize their HR processes. The platform offers a broad selection of features.



Numerous firms lack the time and experience required to deal with some or all of your human resource activities, this unfortunately brings distraction from their core duties. If you do, then outsourcing your HR can be the right move for your company. At Simeon’s Pivot, we will work with you to take care of all of your HR requirements, giving you the highly needed time and concentration required to focus on the core services of your company and more importantly the strategic growth of your organization.

Here is a list of the services you can outsource to us.

  • Payroll
  • HR Advice
  • Benefits Administration
  • HR Systems
  • Handbooks
  • HR Materials
  • Training Materials
  • Personnel Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Terminations
  • Leaves
  • Training
  • Selection
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Reward And Recognition
  • Benefits
  • Performance Management


From experience on the field we have realized that as organizations grow, there will be need to juggle their structure to fit their present day realities. Organizational Design and Restructuring is not mere connecting lines and boxes; in designing a structure, one must be able to align decision making at every touch point with strategic objectives of the organization and more importantly clarify how work gets done to sustain continuous improved performance.

Based on your new Strategic Goals, we will:

  • Create an aligning Organogram
  • Develop Job Descriptions for the roles on the  organogram
  • Develop new or more Policies and Procedures where required to guide the operations of the entire structure
  • Establish the process flow for each task
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators and Measurement Metrics
  • Develop Performance Appraisal System
  • Determining communication lines for smooth relationship amongst staff
  • Monitoring the implemented structure to ensure compliance
  • Organize a retreat to implement the new structure

We will ensure we develop among employees the awareness, understanding, commitment and capability necessary to perform at a high level within the new design.


  • Less disruption and increased productivity and profitability
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Smoother and harmonious work place environment
  • Faster speed to market for new products and services.
  • Enhanced cost structure and efficiency.
  • Managed performance


Restructuring a Human Resources Department is seen as a very tedious task, and justifiably so because changes

will occur in every part

of the organizations job profiles to organizational structure.

Our approach will audit your Human Resources Department to reveal the status and your strategic goals will help us design a Human Resources System that fits your organization. This service comes with about 300 templates for successful smooth day to day operations, trainings, necessary policies/ procedures and softwares.


The genesis of optimum performance is getting the right person with the right competencies for a particular role, this is highly essential for successful day to day operations.

Whatever your recruitment need and challenges are, we have the right tools, resources and capacity to solve them by getting you the right person with the correct combination of Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Judgments, and Attributes for your roles.

The value you get from using Simeon’s Pivot Recruitment Process is encompassing, as we will work with you to develop the job descriptions and complete competencies required to achieve the identified job descriptions even before commencing the search.

We believe in culture-fit; linking individual values and skills to organization’s ambitions and values not. We read people not CVs.


The plan for succession is no longer an alternative in today’s business world, it is a critical success factor. Your organization will require certain set of Values and Belief System has brought your company successfully thus far to propagate the organization into the future, such Values and Beliefs must be intentionally crafted and inculcated into potential Leaders of your organization.


At Simeon’s Pivot, our Succession Planning system is not merely an approach to develop certain individuals for succession, it is a robust organizational development program that enhances the entire organization in the quest to prepare potential leaders. We anticipate the future needs of the organization and prepare the organization by assist in finding, assessing and developing the human capital necessary to the strategy of the organization for a thriving tomorrow.

Our approach is to work with you all the way to ensure your organization and potential leaders are ready for succession.


We know without any iota of doubt that there is hardly any time when an organization is not going through one change or the other. It can be from the complexities of change in organizational strategies to the simplicity of change in seating arrangement or laptop; irrespective of the type of change, it must be a well-managed process as seamless transition and employee/subordinate “Buy-In” is a critical success factor in any process of Change.

More importantly there are two sides to every change process, they are the “People” side of change and the “Technical” side of change; unfortunately managers and change agents mistakenly focus on the technical side of change leaving the most important factor (people) to find her feet; hereby causing chaos and resistance

Leverage on our expertise to implement your change, whatever type of change you intend to deploy; whether Organizational Change, Technological Driven Change, Process Led Change, Cultural Transformation etc. we have the right apparatus to facilitate a seamless change process for you.

To avail yourself of our Change Management Services, please contact us


Every organization working towards continuous success deserves a unique Performance Appraisal System, as it has been established based on research that “Performance Appraisal is the single-most powerful instrument management has to mobilize the energy of every employee towards the achievement of strategic goals.”

Service and Solution

We’ll help your organization Design, Implement and also manage customized Performance Appraisal System that will ensure continuous improvement and consistent achievement of your strategic goals.


Our Performance Appraisal Consulting and Training Services Include:
Appraisal System Design and Deployment

We will help you create or re-design a perfectly fit Performance Appraisal System that imbeds your culture and value by working closely with you to identify your strategic goals, required competencies, key performance indicators, evaluation benchmarks; we would train, develop policies, templates and tools, establish a 360 degree feedback communication system and ensure conformity.

Performance Appraisal Training Program:
  • Optimize your Ineffective Performance Appraisal Program: A flawless training solution for failing and ineffective Performance Appraisal System. Get more information on our Corporate Training Tab
  • Leveraging Performance Appraisal for Performance Improvement: A robust training that will establish an in-depth knowledge about Performance Appraisal, revealing what employees and their managers must know to utilize Performance Appraisal process as an instrument for improvement


Activities do not equate results as being busy does not signify optimum performance.

Performance Management is the strategic and integrated approach to increasing the effectiveness of organizations by systematically improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors.


Achieving your Strategic Goals requires that the day to day performance of employees, teams and the organization should be effectively and efficiently managed. Furthermore, improving on your last success story requires continuous audit of the operations of your individual staff.

At Simeon’s Pivot, we partner with Human Resources to perfect performance management system. If you embrace this service you will soar in optimal performance and continuous achievement of increasing strategic goals. Our 14 step process to deploying your Performance Management System includes Performance Plan, Performance Appraisal and Performance Development Plan.


Service and Solution: What we can do for you:

  • We will help you determine if your Performance Management system is achieving desired result
  • We will offer training and assisted deployment of a complete Performance Management System uniquely designed to meet your specific Performance Management Goals
  • We will offer unique customized templates for you to continuously work with and perform periodic checks to ensure conformity.
  • We will identify and remove the weak links causing waste and poor performance in your system.

Our excellent Performance Management System will:

  • Establish thorough monitoring and control
  • Help drive improvement
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your performance improvement effort
  • Achieve alignment of skills and work with organizational goals and objectives
  • Inspire a clean reward system and ensure  discipline

Guide the correct reallocation of People and Resources


This training program will help to build the required mentoring culture in your organisation by impacting your would-be mentors and mentees with the necessary knowledge and attitude required for a successful mentoring relationship, hereby inspiring and increasing enthusiasm in work place and bringing about organisational development.



An organizational culture can be compared to wind and tides created overtime in the background of our organization; sometimes noticed, sometimes unnoticed and other times obvious. They are made of “instinctive” and “repetitive” habits coupled with emotional responses and reactions delivered in form of daily action.

A company’s culture is a collection of self-sustaining pattern of “behaving”, “feeling”, “thinking” and “believing” created by condensed fundamental assumptions that determines the way things are done in a particular setting. Ultimately, we create our culture overtime.

The difference between “Operational Values” and “Stated Values” determines your organization’s present realities regarding your culture.

Between Culture and Productivity lies Emotional State and Motivation and these two variables whether positive (enhancing productivity and or growth) or negative (inhibiting productivity and or growth) influences daily results



Cultures is usually the way we do thing now; they are usually described and do not have a definite nomenclature; our first assignment is usually to name the culture. “Name It” is usually a two part element. “Name The Reality” and “Name The Ideal”

  • Name The Reality: We achieve this through our simple subtle yet powerful status-revealing assessments which eventually creates an avenue for debate and brainstorming with key culture change stakeholders.
  • Name The Ideal:We use the available strategic plan and or stated values to analyze the preferred organizational culture, breaking the preferred culture down into daily behaviors in various parts of the organization including internal and external

With a robust documentation that defines our goal we then define the right strategy to Teach It. Unlike “Name It”, this stage hugely differs from organization to organization depending on various dynamics.

  • Part of the possibilities in “Teach It” include Training and Coaching, which could be cascaded through different levels or functional departments or location over a period of time.
  • There is also a possibility of creating change champions or agents; a critical few who will embody the new important behaviors that would have great impact on others. They can be trained to become change mentors and influencers.
  • Leadership behavior at various level must be aligned with thepreferred behaviors
  • Training and coaching programs would include several topics that would be generated from the assessments deployed in the “Name It” stage. Possible training and coaching programs can include Emotional Cognition for Change, Professionalism, Business Etiquette, Customer Service, Personal Effectiveness, Intrapreneurship, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communication etc.

Alignment to overall Strategy and Core Values creates the standard upon which “Teach It” is pivoted

In addition; attention to getting the employee’s buy-in through effective communication is critical at this stage. Such Communication Strategy would be intentionally designed to achieve expected buy-in.


Between “Teach It” and “Measure It” is “Live It”. “Live It” is basically about champions, leaders and general staff actually exhibiting the preferred organizational behavior. It is not what we can deploy as consultants except by showing example for your people to see.

However, in order to ensure people “Live It”, we deploy the “Measure It” part of our approach, “Measure It” is a form of Performance Management System housed in the Human Resource Department in collaboration with us. Employees performance at this stage would be measured to set standard; it is our believe that “what you do not measure cannot be managed, what you do not manage cannot grow and what does not grow remain stagnant or dies”


This part is usually a fallout of “Measure It”; where those who have bought into the change are celebrated and those who refuse or cannot adjust are reprimanded as a way to ensure performance improvement.


With Simeon’s Pivot Resources you can enjoy technological operation of different service and exercises in running and managing your HR.

Our HR technology solutions helps people and organization to engage with, cater for, and create opportunities, with out latest HR Technology tools you will be able to deploy your HR  functions effectively and seamlessly.

We don’t just buy softwares for you, we have a robust team of developers that can build be-spoke soft-wares to meet your precise needs, giving you continuous support locally.


Understanding of your Need

We believe that understanding of your need is the most critical part of delivering a human resource software to you. In this process we also use your present process to create a depth of understanding regarding your need.

Prototype Design

With Clarity of your specific need, we would then design a prototype of the solution.

Solution Development

Upon agreement of the prototype, we develop, test and install.


No matter how useful a solution is, the ability to use it is a critical success factor; thus we would train the proposed users on how to use the software.

Maintenance and Support

As a result of local development, our team would always be available to maintain and support your processes where challenges occur.

What Human Resource Activities Can Human Resource Technology proffer Solution To?

As the search for talent grows ever wider, only technological tools can help you access the broadest (and deepest) possible number of people most especially in Nigeria labour market. The technology synchronize Recruiting which is a subset of Talent Acquisition, and includes the activities of sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing, selecting and hiring.

The HR Technology software can be used for employee Leave Management System and improve her workforce productivity. The software can be use to enforce the company’s leave policy consistently which will improves transparency & employee satisfaction.

The use of HR Technology make easier a Job Evaluation process which is a systematic way of determining the value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in an organization. It make a systematic comparison between jobs to assess their relative worth for the purpose of establishing a rational pay structure.

The SPR HR Technology solution delivers trusted enterprise benefits administration and claims management solutions to self-insured employer groups and payers around the globe. It is a seamless online Payroll and accounting software. It easy to process payroll, pay employees and manage taxes.

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