Leveraging Empathy to Strengthen Leadership

Leveraging Empathy to Strengthen Leadership

Empathy and Leadership

What does “leadership” mean, and what’s the role of empathy? While one dictionary definition is “the state or position of being a leader,” leadership is also a set of attributes that EVERYONE needs for moving their lives, and the world, forward in a positive way.

It involves seeing new possibilities and engaging the self and others toward that future. Since leadership is about people, the learnable, measurable skill of empathy might be one of the essential ingredients that empower leadership. How?

Join this highly participatory EQ Application Café to learn and practice emotional intelligence together, and explore how emotional intelligence can help us leverage empathy and strengthen leadership.

Emotional intelligence (aka “EQ”) means being smarter with feelings — and we can grow EQ by practicing together. EQ Cafés are insightful, engaging sessions for people curious about emotional intelligence to connect and learn together.

 In this Emotional Intelligence Application Café we will discover:

  • What does Leadership mean?
  • What does it mean to feel, think and act as a Leader?
  • How can EQ and empathy help us to become authentic leaders for others and of our life?

Applied Emotional Intelligence courses at 2 Hours – Half Day or Full Day insightful sessions for employees to achieve change by applying the potency of emotional Intelligence to different areas of organizational needs.


Who: Anyone interested in learning about and practising emotional intelligence – the learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skillset we all need to thrive.

What: Lunchtime Interactive workshop

When: Depends on the agreed date

Where: At your discretion

How: Call us on 08096303933

Duration: 2 Hours

Questions: Please email us <ask@pausefactory.org>



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