In a world with such rapid innovation and change, how do we hold onto the essential human qualities that could make the future of workplace fit for all of us? The global visionary offer a vision of that future, but are these problems for business owners, governments or technologists — or for all of us? Economists say we’ve started the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” where we are changing ourselves with nearly magical technology: What is required for us to use this capacity for the greatest good?

Call us for this “EQ Application Café” on the science and emotion of innovation to imagine a better future for workplaces and businesses – starting within each employee and employer we would explore question of how to use our emotions to make innovation serve the company/organization.

Applied Emotional Intelligence courses at 2 Hours – Half Day or Full Day insightful sessions for employees to achieve change by applying the potency of emotional Intelligence to different areas of organizational needs.

In this EQ Application Café we will discover:

  • How we’re feeling about innovation, and the role of emotion in catalyzing change in workplaces and businesses
  • How the global vision are an invitation for a new kind of innovation
  • How emotions, and emotional intelligence, could help us step forward

Who: Anyone interested in learning about and practicing emotional intelligence – the learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skillset we all need to thrive.

What: Lunch time Interactive workshop

When: 2 to 3 hours

Where: At your discretion

How: Call us on 0803903039

Questions: Please email us <>

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