What exactly is Professionalism? Is it about Dressing, Communication, Work Ethics, Work Etiquette…? Even Wikipedia defines Professionalism as “Something”…

Employees Professionalism is directly proportional to their Productivity and it will take a superior mind-set and a self-motivated worker to be consistently professional and to constantly sustain optimum productivity.

It is without doubt the responsibility of an employer to develop systems, means and measures that will constantly instill professionalism and achieve optimum productivity of her employees.

Who should attend

All members of Staff within an organization that intends to enhance work place professionalism

Programme Fee

₦ 50,000 Per Participant. Group pricing is also available


1 Day

Must admit at least  50% of the workforce

Learning Outcomes

The workshop will empower participants to:

  • Develop a self-reflective awareness on the productivity of the firm.
  • Recognize what it really means to be a professional in the work place…a global perspective.
  • Distinguish between being busy and being productive.
  • Identify the link between their professionalism; their productivity and its effect on the company

For the Organization:

  • Participants will be able to identify unprofessional act with a high degree of consensus.
  • Participants will jointly agree on measures; including disciplinary; that will help sustain professionalism in the company going forward.
  • This program helps to bring alive the dormant personnel policies and procedures of the organization.

Pre Training Assessment: DISC/VALUE ANALYSIS

This Unique program is deployed as a Coaching Intervention Program instead of a regular training intervention; solutions are created in the course of the program as it is filled with result generating culture oriented exercises.

Module 1: Professionalism: Individual and Organizational Assessment

Module 2: Professionalism and Productivity… cognition and link

Module 3: Building Professional Competence

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence Competencies for Sustaining Professionalism

Module 5: Establishing the Preferred Professionalism Culture

Module 6: Maintaining Professionalism Culture and sustainability Strategy

Module 7: Enhancing my Personal Productivity


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