Emotional Intelligence For Business Solutions

Your organization is made of people, processes, and property. For a long time, “common wisdom” has been that returns come from investing in the latter two. Yet, in the last decades, a flood of research has challenged that assumption and is increasingly proving that a company’s people are the differentiating factor. Since emotional intelligence is all about “people smarts” — about relating to yourself and others — it’s no surprise that EQ plays a major role in this dimension.”

“Some people just get along with others, respond carefully even in the face of challenge, and truly connect with people. They are proactive, balanced, operate with integrity, and have great insight into themselves and others. All these come from a set of skills called Emotional Intelligence, or EQ.”



 A Leader is saddled with the responsibility of influencing people towards a set goal; this they would do through Delegation, Motivation, Giving and Receiving Feed-backs, Refuse, Instruct, Communicate and so on; these are purely people focused; without Emotional Intelligence or a Leader with a high Emotional Quotient, a leader would not be able to successfully carry out all these leadership responsibility without the ability to relate with people successfully. Research says that in companies today “People don’t leave companies-People leave People; and most times People leave their direct bosses.


In every change management strategy, you must understand that there is the technical side of change and the people side of change, the technical side of change includes role change in the organogram, chane in processes, change in operations etc. What organizations fail to take cognisance of is that the people side of change is as important as the technical side pf change. Whatever the Change Management approach adopted, employees will most likely move from “shock” through the seven phases of “Emotional Cycle of Change” to “integration”; a process characterized by intense emotions scuffles. Researches has shown that employees end up in a “safe mode” during the process of change hereby bottling up their true feeling which is tantamount to “suppressed emotion”. This however, is the worst way to work; as it influences job dissatisfaction, reduced energy that influence easy burn-out, clique formation, suspicion, intense politicking, gossips and rumors which generally create an unhealthy work environment.


YOU ARE WHAT YOU SELL” is not a cliché; it is a fact. Beyond the technicalities of Selling, it is clear that from Lead Generation to Closing the Sale, everything a Sales Person is doing is simply “relational. The real selling skills is the ability to manage prospects towards purchase and the distance between Prospecting and “Closing a deal” is filled with several Emotional Bullets; any sales person who lacks Emotional Intelligence will not be able to sell successfully. How Prospects or Customers “feel” about a Sales person goes a long way to determine their purchase or repeat purchase This course will equip your people with key Emotional Intelligence Skill as it relates to every stage of the Sales Process.



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