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The leader of today has greater challenges than ever before in terms of unlocking human potential in their organization and delivering results. In a business environment that is volatile with high uncertainties, the need to be strategic in leading becomes a matter of necessity.  This course will help participants achieve these aims and help them initiate and manage change, performance and productivity more effectively.

It has been designed to be highly practical and interactive with video analysis, role plays and  assessments.

Value Proposition

  • Identify how to make strategic decision.
  • Identify their Personality, Strength, Weaknesses and weakness optimization for better performance.
  • Improve capacity to achieve strategic goal using G.R.O.W Model
  • Discover Leadership Styles and the best for them
  • Decipher the challenges of leadership
  • Improve their emotional intelligence for leadership stability
  • Expatiate on the effectiveness of leadership communication
  • Proffer practical solution to problems and make effective decision


Module 1: The Manager vs The Leader

  • Knowing the Difference
  • Role of frontline leader
  • Review of leadership styles and Motivation
  • The Journey to Influence
  • Leadership Qualities

Module  2:  Leadership Communication Matrix

  • Communication Style Matrix
  • Dynamics of Direct Communicator
  • Dynamics of Spirited Communicator
  • Dynamics of Considerate Communicator
  • Dynamics of Systematic Communicator
  • The Emotionally Balanced Communicator

Module 3: The Challenge of Leadership

Vision Challenge |Model Challenge | Process Challenge | Allowance Challenge |Heart Challenge |

Module 4: 5 Levels of Leadership

  • Cognizing the 5 Levels
  • Beliefs and Behaviors of each levels
  • Transitioning from one level to the other

Module 5:  Effective Motivation

  • Understanding motivation
  • Major Drivers of Motivation
  • The Myth of Motivation
  • Motivation Killers

Module 6: Problem Solving and Decision-Making

  • Understanding Problem Dynamics
  • Steps to solving any problem
  • Understanding Decision making Process
  • Decision Making Techniques

Module 7: Leading through Coaching

Module 8: Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Who can attend?

Leaders or Leaders to be at any Level


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