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Telemarketing is without doubt one of the key business solutions that is associated with the Digital age. It has so much benefits like reducing the operational cost of marketing, eliminating the fear of face to face prospecting, takes off gate keepers like receptionists, personal assistants who would not allow access to the decision makers, quadruples the number of contacts that can be touched in a day and so many more, beyond all it is one of the fastest way to establish customer retention.

Marketing, Sales and Customer Servicing are 3 cardinal business elements that telemarketing can empower and our program is posed to meet this 3 Cardinal points. Our telemarketing training program has been designed to empower participants with the requisite telemarketing skills. It combines role play, video analysis, personality assessment, practical voice session and several other teaching methods.

Value Proposition

At the end of this training participants will learn:

  • Recognize the elements of marketing, selling and servicing on the phone
  • Build rapport that would keep customers engaged
  • Exhume pleasantness over the phone
  • Avoid aggressive on the phone
  • Invoke powerful emotions that would leave the customer excited
  • Define company’s products in an interesting systematical manner
  • Ask strategic questions that are solution bound
  • Listen more effectively
  • Use the R.A.D.A.R. call model for successful telemarketing
  • Identify various telephone mannerisms to use and to avoid
  • Identify the simple communication techniques that defines courtesy
  • Increase the company’s product portfolios over the phone
  • Identify ways to meet the customer in a conversation ready state
  • Make short precise and solution focused calls.
  • Recognize customer’s feeling over the phone



Module 1.  Introduction to Tele-Business World

  • Telesales vs Telemarketing vs Tele-servicing
  • The dynamics of Telephone Communication
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Element
  • Telemarketing and Customer Retention

Module 2: Product Knowledge

  • Defining Your Product Model
  • Defending your Product Model
  • Product Knowledge and Customer Retention

Module 3: The Power of  Questioning

  • Question Dynamics and Impacts
  • Open Ended Questions Technique
  • Close Ended Questions Techniques
  • Probing Questions Techniques
  • Questioning for Customer Retention

Module 4: The Power of Listening

  • Listening vs Hearing
  • Active Listening Model
  • Listening and Customer Retention

Module 5: The Tele Sales Process (Part 1)

  • Psychology of Tele-Selling/Tele-Marketing
  • The Pre Call Plan
  • The R.A.D.A.R. Model
  • Intricacies of Building Rapport
  • Arousing Interest
  • Eliciting Customer Difficulties
  • Identifying Needs
  • Expanding Portfolios
  • Affirmation and Validation

Module 6: The Tele Sales Process (Part 2)

  • Objection Handling Techniques
  • Closing Technique

Module 7: Telephone Etiquette

  • The Courtesy Equation
  • The Voice Factor
  • Toxic Words
  • General Do’s and Don’ts

Module 8: Where Customer Retention Lies

  • The Feeling Factor
  • Remembrance Structure
  • The Solution Factor

Module 9: Emotional Stability

Who can attend?

Sales Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Sales Team Leads

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