…unveiling the differences, similarities and strategies every sales person must know about Marketing and Sales for better traction on the field

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This program aggregates 3 Pivotal Skills that would turn around your business for optimal productivity. It encompasses all you need to make people aware of your product /services, to all that you need to get an exchange of value for your offerings to all It takes to maintaining and satisfying customers for repeat purchase and retention to the point of loyalty and advocacy.

Customer Relationship Management is an activity that starts well before a customer buys a product, in fact it is part of the reason why a product or services transcend beyond the realm of marketing to the point of sales.

Every sales person in today’s business world  must be armed with customer relationship management tools to consolidate the entire sales and marketing process.  This program is filled with assessment, role plays, exercises, video analysis etc.



The Seller Personality Analysis

Module 1: Introduction to Selling & Marketing

  • Principle and Psychology of Selling
  • Contrasting Sales and Marketing

Module 2: Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Marketing Communication
  • Cognizing Integrated Marketing Communication
  • I.M.C. Assessment and I.M.C. Action Plan

Module 3: Marketing Plan Development

  • Cognizing Marketing Plan
  • Elements of Marketing Plan
  • Develop your Marketing Plan

Module 4:  Walking the Sales Process (Part 1)

  • Product/Service Definition
  • Defending your Product/Service
  • Lead Generation and Lead Management
  • Prospecting the Lead

Module 5:  Walking the Sales Process (Part 2)

  • Effective Sales Meeting
  • Sales Presentation
  • Qualifying the Prospect
  • Handling the Objection
  • Closing the Deal

Module 6: Selling with Emotional Intelligence

Module 7:  Understanding Customer Service

  • Who are customers
  • Holistic view of Customer Service
  • Customer Service Attitude

Module 8Deciphering Customer


  • The 2 Paradigm of “CRM”
  • “FEELING” as a success Factor

Module 9: Meeting the Customers NEED

  • Understanding the Customer’s Needs
  • Core Product, Supplementary Services and Service Encounters

Module 10: Handling Difficult Customers

  • Difficult Customer Situation
  • Managing Irate Customers

Module 11: Over-The-Phone Customer Service

Who can attend?

Sales people at any level, the facilitation will be deployed to fit the different levels of participants available


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