…unveiling the secret you need to survive in an uncivil environment

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Emotions Drive People and People drive Performance. Incivility has been defined as low-intensity deviant behavior with ambiguous intent to harm the target. Uncivil behaviors are characteristically rude and discourteous, displaying a lack of regard for others. The cost of incivility unfortunately is distraction from performance and psychological disengagement which has huge impact on bottom line.

 Mind you, while uncivil cases are hardly reported, statistics show that policies and organizational strategies hardly works, only 15%  of reported cases ends up satisfactorily.

What then is the best way to manage uncivil work environment and uncivil colleagues when many employees are usually left alone to manage their emotions. The course will empower you as an individual to deal with incivility without endangering relationships, results and colleagues perception about you. 

Value Proposition

After this training, participants will:

  • Explain what an uncivil workplace entails
  • Categorize incivility differently
  • Identify loss sustained by individuals and company at large where incivility exists
  • Identify the cause of incivility
  • Recognize personal characteristics that could lead to uncivil behavior
  • Identify options available to them when tackling incivility
  • Identify the different methods of managing incivility



Module 1: Incivility in the Workplace

  • The Uncivil Workplace
  • Categorizing Incivility
  • The Cost of Incivility

Module 2: The Root of Incivility

  • 6 Circle Personality Analysis
  • Incivility Tendencies
  • 6 Circle Organizational Analysis

Module 3: Tackling Incivility

  • If you choose avoidance?
  • If you choose confrontation?
  • If you choose to report?

Module 4: Managing Incivility

  • Environment vs Offender
  • The “Thriving” Methodology
  • The Communication Methodology
  • Paying the PRICE
  • Creating a Civil Organization


Who can attend?

All members of any organization at any level


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