…a customer relationship management course for sales representatives and business development officers

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At a height in Sales every company is at equilibrium because there is a generic state for every  product; one of the key   reason why a lead, prospect, customer or client would buy into a particular “product” or “service” is the “RELATIONSHIP”. Relationship Management is the key to Customer Satisfaction, thus Customer Retention, Thus Customer Advocacy.

This program is designed to identify the intricacies of Managing Relationships at all levels of Selling Process (whether lead generation, prospecting, presenting, identifying customer’s needs, handling  objectives) to Managing the Relationship of  the Customer after winning the customer. It’s highly practical, filled with games, exercises and deep personality profiles. The DISC Personality Profile is used to analyze the strength and weaknesses of participants for relationship management, personal productivity and identification of key growth areas. It also teaches “how” to identify different types  of people and “how” to relate with different types of people.


Value Proposition

At the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Recognize how one’s attitude affects service standards
  • Explain the place of RELATIONSHIP in managing customers
  • Recognize the two paradigm of RELATIONSHIP in managing customers
  • Identify their personality, understand buyers personality and identify how to relate with them
  • Recognize how to build smooth relationship with leads that they are yet to identify or meet
  • Identify the crux of Customer Relationship Management at every level of selling
  • Recognize how to maintain relationship with unseen leads
  • Use Sales Presentation to establish trust and cement relationship
  • Maintain business with Key Accounts



Module 1: Elements of  Selling

  • Selling and the Psychology of Buyers
  • Differences between Sales and Marketing
  • Intricacies of Selling Product vs Services

Module 2: Deciphering Customer “RELATIONSHIPManagement

  • The 2 Categories of “CRM”
  • Analyzing the Global CRM Statistics
  • The MYTH of “Product/Service Quality” and Sales Success
  • “FEELING” as your success indicator

Module 3: Relationship Management in Lead Generation and Lead Management

  • Lead Generation Process
  • Lead Management Process
  • Blind Relationship Management

Module 4: Prospect’s Relationship Management

  • Qualifying Prospects
  • Managing the “Relationship” Parts of Prospecting
  • Understanding Prospects Personality Types

Module 6: Personality Profile Analysis

  • Identifying your personality and its effect on Selling
  • Developing Strategies for Personality
  • Improvement
  • Identifying the “HOW” to sell to different Personality

Module 7: Building Relationships through Presentations

  • Making an enchanting first Impression
  • Your presentation as a relationship tool
  • Qualifying Customers and needs
  • Identification

Module 8: Managing Key Account

  • Bridging the gaps
  • Value Added Services
  • Keeping Relationship Warm


Who can attend?

Sales and Marketing team members including business development  officers


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